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Science is a guided adventure • TAG24

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“Scientific research, though it is almost constantly guided by logic, is still an adventure.”. It’s an idea Louis Louis de Broglie (Dieppe, August 15, 1892 – Louveciennes, March 19, 1987), French physicist, mathematician and historian who came to the attention of the scientific world for his innovative theories on the wave and particle duality of matter, a fundamental aspect of quantum mechanics. For which she won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1929.

Ninety years later, another world George Parisi More or less the same consideration repeats: “Science is a huge puzzle and every piece placed in the right place opens up the possibility of putting others together. In this gigantic mosaic each scientist adds pieces, knowing that he has made his contribution, and that when his name is forgotten, even those who come later will climb on his shoulders to see Beyond.As we explore the universe, we discover new areas to explore, and each discovery allows us to ask many new questions we couldn’t ask before.

Louis de Broglie and Giorgio Baresi, same thought 90 years apart

And exploration is an adventure in which scientists lead us by the hand, says Parisi, there is one ‘total distrust’ that It could also be due to something specific The arrogance of scientists which presents science as ultimate wisdom, compared to other questionable knowledge, even if it is not. Refusal to accept limitations may undermine the prestige of scientists, who sometimes flaunt unfounded overconfidenceThe remedy may be enough to say that science is not an exact science, because every discovery is made to pave the way for new discoveries.

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Stefano Bessi

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