Science creates a miracle, a new drug against obesity: the results are amazing

Science creates a miracle, a new drug against obesity: the results are amazing

Successful laboratory tests of the new experimental drug: Goodbye to obesity and high cholesterol. The turning point is near.

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Development of medicine

As time goes by, more and more diseases are being treated, and in recent days, a new experimental drug has made headlines with targets Treating obesity and lowering cholesterol. This is possible thanks to the progress made by science, and thanks to research we are closer to solving this problem that affects a large part of the world’s population. In fact, following a healthy diet and going to the gym is not always enough to fight obesitySometimes you need medicine!

It seems that novelty is imminent, and the dual function of this new experimental drug could solve the problems of many people, on the one hand combating obesity and on the other hand lowering blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, it is not an aesthetic medicine, but rather a real solution to combat these two disorders Which can truly lead to a better life.

The new medicine

A new anti-obesity drug – Adriatico24ore

The new experimental anti-obesity and anti-cholesterol drug has not yet been named, but what is emerging from the tests and studies conducted in the laboratory so far is surprising: All participating researchers unanimously said that the results are amazing and very positive.

The tests have not yet reached the stage of human testing, and so far have only been performed on a type of mice called “mouse models.” The rodents were fed a high-fat diet and given the drug at the same time, and they did not become obese..

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Specifically, the experimental drug injected into mice will be called a thyroid mimetic axitiromeand it will help guinea pigs with that Eliminate excess weight And he will too It reduced their cholesterol level. What is even more surprising is that at the present time, No side effects of any kind were foundWhich led to a result that exceeded expectations.

Research team

Weight loss – Adriatico24ore

The team is inMcMaster University in TorontoIn Canada, but not only. The Canadian team collaborated closely with researchers fromNew york universityfrom Wharton Weight Management Clinicfrom the middle Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology From Eustis and the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Company.

Italian confirmation comes from one of the doctors on the front lines during the Covid period, Roberto BurrioneWho praises the work of the researchers and is positive about the success and function of this new drug. On his personal Twitter page we read the following:Obesity is a very serious medical problem, and the real hope comes from a class of new drugs. This oral preparation is in Phase II, but the initial results are exciting. Within 6 months – 12% of weight without serious side effects“.

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