Scamacca, Frattesi and Jorginho at the sights

Scamacca, Frattesi and Jorginho at the sights

There is never an end to the worst, and neither is the excitement. There were also those who predicted this post. Italy eliminated from European Championship The players will go on holiday with a light heart. Nothing could be more true than that, and exactly one week after the defeat to Switzerland, the message is more than clear: who cares! The images of the Azzurri have gone viral on the internet and have angered fans who have unleashed a storm on social media.

Frustrated Italian fans: ‘We have lost the passion for football’

The European Championship clearly does not seem to be a priority for the Italian national team players, who these days seem more interested in spending holidays on the beach with their teammates. After the failure in Germany, the Azzurri resumed their social life as if nothing had happened: social media, entertainment, Beautiful women, tattoos everywhere, boats, abs, and endless nights at the disco. It’s okay for them to relax before heading back to the resort to sweat, not to mention happily revealing everything on social media, looking happy and smiling.

Azzurri fans don’t really like it: “It definitely made us lose our passion for football.“. And again: “You mercenaries, you are just mercenaries but in life you are and will remain nothingness.” And the argument does not subside: “You have money but Nothing will count for you in the history of footballShame on you for failing. And finally: “You are children who live on social media and followers, Even the kids hate you

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Italy: Summer Fun, Dancing and Photography from Scamacca to Demarco

Scamacca is having a great time in Ibiza with a Straw hat.“, in the style of “capercaillie”. Frattesi dedicates himself to Diving With her sister Chiara complete with mask and Big smiles were clearly highlighted. Demarco stands on the beach like a reckless child, Jorginho shows women next to him in every photo, while Italian fans are preoccupied with Pepe’s tears for Portugal and the national team players’ lack of a sense of belonging.

The audience comments are relentless:After being ridiculed on the international scene.. “It was natural and appropriate for you to withdraw from social media for a few weeks” and again: “You didn’t even give us time to digest a historic defeat and you are already celebrating amidst unbridled luxury, exciting situations and good-quality money on offer”. And finally: “It’s not about morality, but simple decency: at certain moments it would be better to stay out of sight, but no: Social networks are full of pictures of Playboy stars.

Scamacca and shameless boat selfie for fans

Among the most discussed is Scamacca, author of the terrible performance in the national teamfor taking boat selfies and disco videos that went viral on the web. Fans slaughtered him: “It’s a matter of dignity, respect and responsibility: you are the cosmic nothingness.” Still: “Even elementary school children will understand that this is not the kind of behaviour to follow on social media.

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And finally:See how Scamacca wastes no time bragging on social media. With selfies on the boat and more. His videos at the disco as a Zamparo and a convict are a clear example of the failures our national team is suffering from.

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