June 7, 2023

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Rousseau arrested, Milan: Artem Uss must be extradited to the United States

(Dealing) – Milan25 November – The Milan prosecutor has
He filed his indictment for extradition request to
Use, upon request of delivery documents, of
Artem Uss, Russian businessman and son of the governor A.A
Siberian region, blocked on October 17, based on an arrest warrant
Dooley, at Malpensa Airport while he was about to
Take a trip to Turkey. He is charged with 6 others
To smuggle military technology from countries
United States to Russia and oil from Venezuela to China and Russia,
Evading fines and laundering millions of dollars. Meanwhile, waiting for the process to finish
Regarding the recognition of the decision of the judges, there was a debate
Before the Fifth Criminal Appeal (President Fagnoni)
The house arrest application submitted by attorneys Vinicio Nardo E
Fabio de Mattis, lawyers for imprisoned Russian prof
Busto Arsizio (Varese) for more than a month. Today’s businessman
Who presented himself before the judges, read long
Self defense data. And if in the “letter
The US Department of Justice is said to have backtracked
from the place of the alleged crimes, i.e. New York”, Uss ha
He said he had “never been to New York”. “I was 25 years ago in San Francisco when I was 14
years,” he explained. Attorney Nardo also highlighted this
“There was some interference, because I don’t know if it happens a lot
That foreign prosecutors write to Italian prosecutors, such as
In this case”. pg Giulio Benedetti, plus deposit
Indictment in favor of extradition, he gave a negative opinion
Under house arrest and judges will decide in the coming days.

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