Ron Gilbert has been attacked by fans, and will no longer comment on the game –

Ron Gilbert has been attacked by fans, and will no longer comment on the game –

Back to Monkey Island It is great news for all fans of the series, but many did not like the new one drawing style Which was adopted by the team and the various fans and did not hesitate to mention it in an aggressive manner, Attacking Ron Gilbert And pushed him to distance himself from society by a decision Stop posting about the game.

The question discussed is only one, mainly: the graphic style adopted for Return to Monkey Island, strongly cartoonish and “expressive”, You didn’t like it For many, who consider it a far cry from what a classic style should be.

The thing among others is rather strange, considering that the series has never had a unique style, having delicately changed its characterization from one chapter to another, but it is clear that fans did not get down on this new development.

The controversy It actually appeared at the time of the release of the first teaser, with Ron Gilbert immediately finding himself defending the technical choices the team had made, but they’ve honed with the recent gameplay video released on the occasion of the Nintendo Direct Mini, to a point that leads to personal attacks for Gilbert and other developers.

All this prompted the author of the game – who by the way is not the one who sent them to say – to take strict attitude: Delete a lot of comments and avoid posting information and other considerations about the game in development.

Ron Gilbert wrote on his Grumpy Gamer personal blog: “I’m going to close the comments, people are getting mean and I’ve found myself having to cancel some character attacks. It’s a great game and everyone on the team is so hardworking. Proud of it. Play it or don’t play it but Don’t spoil it for anyone else. I won’t post anything about the game anymore, it robbed me of the joy of sharing.”

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