Rolex, Most Wanted Submariner: Limited Series Shocked Enthusiasts

Rolex, Most Wanted Submariner: Limited Series Shocked Enthusiasts

The most coveted Rolex Submariner belongs to a limited series that shocked enthusiasts: all the information on this model

They are loved and desired, even by those who cannot afford them and are forced to admire them from afar. the Rolex watches Over the years, they conquered legions of fans but did not fail to cause confusion for the unexpected and daring innovations presented by the manufacturer, as in the case of the famous Submariner.

Rolex, the most sought-after submariner –

We refer to the Submariner known by the nickname Kermit. Exactly, just like the famous frog from The Muppet Show and the name was not accidental but because of the innovative green bezel that Rolex adopted. A choice that surprised many fans at the time, and also drew criticism.

This Submariner model, while remaining a niche model, was a hit with the public. Since its introduction twenty years ago, it has undergone some modifications, retaining the green rim, which has changed color and intensity over the years. Here’s everything you need to know.

Rolex, the most sought after Submariner

the Subs Rolex is the ultimate luxury sports watch that made history with high-quality timepieces and is loved by collectors. Created in 1953, it celebrates its 70th birthday this year, although it was first presented in 1954 at the Geneva International Fine Watch Exhibition, now called Watches and wonders.

Designed to be water resistant to 300 meters, the Rolex Submariner has been developed in various models. The model that surprised most fans, even leaving them puzzled, was KermitWith a green frame on a black background.

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Sought after Rolex Submariner
Rolex Submariner “Kermit” 126610LV ( –

Submariner Kermit’s first release, with a Ref. 16610LVIt was launched in 2003, exactly twenty years ago. in 2003On the occasion of the Submariner’s 50th anniversary. This watch did not have any major innovations, compared to the starting model, except for the green bezel indicated in the abbreviation of the reference, and for the larger dial.

The bright green color of the watch bezel puzzled many Rolex enthusiasts, but the watch instantly conquered a large group of fans and above all collectors. Over the years, the green bezel of the watch has undergone some subtle changes, in size and color as well, with new shades of green.

The model that once again surprised many is Submarine Hulk 116610LV, in a color similar to that of the Marvel character. The special feature of this watch was Also green color of the dialtone with frame.

Rolex Kermit today

then in 2020Rolex has launched new models in the Submariner line, incl Submarine History 126610LV with Green bezel on a black background, and back to the original Kermit, except for some changes. In particular with regard to the frame already on the new model120 one-way wheels with insert Cerachrom.

Above all it is Changed the tone of greenfrom the bright color of the first version we moved on to a Darker, deeper green, green forest is not immediately noticeable at times. Elegance and functionality have always remained Rolex DNA with a few innovations that have improved efficiency, precision and comfort. Finally, let’s remember that exotic Rolex watches don’t lack a like Today’s date 36 With a dial that features colorful puzzles.

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