343 Industries realizes players’ patience is running out – Nerd4.life

343 Industries realizes players’ patience is running out – Nerd4.life

Community Manager Brian Garrard from 343 Industries He admitted, speaking on Twitter, that my players infinite aura they have I lost my patience At this point, due to the slow pace the game is progressing after launch.

Enthusiastically greeted with its excellent gameplay, especially in terms of multiplayer, Halo Infinite immediately received criticism for its extremely slow progression system.

After some modifications that improved the situation somewhat, criticism moved to slow In which not only content but also information about upcoming news arrives and Garrard realizes that the situation is difficult for users as well as for developers.

This season 2 will arrive just 6 months after its well-known pre-release Halo Infinite release, but in the meantime, the mid-season update has brought quite a bit of actual news, considering the maps and game modes are still not much in the standard rotation.

“There are certainly a lot of challenges and limitations,” Jarad explained, “of course we are not happy that we are unable to meet the expectations of society, it is A difficult situation Which takes time from the team. “Anyway, season two is coming and it should carry some important news, which we have already seen the first details about in the past few weeks.

“For now, the focus is on everything season 2 “We will have more information in the coming weeks,” said Jarrard, who has honestly admitted that he understands the players’ situation. We just need some time to piece the information together and then be able to provide all the details we can share as soon as possible.”

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In particular, news regarding co-op and Forge mode, two items that the Halo community has been especially eagerly awaiting, are also awaiting.

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