Poste Italiane reopens the accreditation transfer process? Yes, but not for everyone

Poste Italiane reopens the accreditation transfer process?  Yes, but not for everyone
Poste Italiane reopens the sale
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Meanwhile, the government issued DL Ominbus with an extension to the super bonus for villas

( – The question mark is a must, taxpayers have now learned the hard way, but for now the announcement is official: Reopening of the Italian Post credit transfer. After months of waiting, the official channel issued a press release specifying the reopening of tax-free purchases for natural persons and first sales for the first days of October.

How to access the Poste Italiane service to buy tax credits

there Re-open the service The allocation of accreditation by Poste Italiane is limited only to the first appointments up to its maximum capacity 50,000 euros And only normal people. This cap has caused some bewilderment among players in the supply chain, especially with regard to the latest surveys announced by Enea which set the average expenses needed for the Superbonus business at much higher figures (€117,403 for single-family homes, €636,611 for condominiums and €98,487). for standalone units).

While the mere reference to natural persons effectively excludes all those companies that were left without liquidity, with credits waiting for the buyer and construction sites halted.

The reopening of the sale at the beginning of October is instead due to the transfer in the same period of the “Omibus” Decree Law No. 104/2023, the legislative decree that at the same time approved the extension of the super bonus for single-family homes by postponing the deadline until December 31 2023.

Sales are prohibited

While Postal Italia reopens the door to credit allocation, the latest regulatory measures are also trying to find a solution to the age-old problem of credit Credits prohibited Which last June amounted to more than that 30 billion euros. Indeed, Anse estimates that every billion blocked credits corresponds to 6,000 interventions between single-family homes and fixed-condominiums, or a total of 180,000 building sites waiting to find the cash to resume work.

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Moreover, by September, the platform envisioned by Enel X, a bridging tool that would play an instrumental role in the current impasse, could come into operation.

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