Pope: A Christian does not judge harshly or swear. Gossip kills love

Pope: A Christian does not judge harshly or swear.  Gossip kills love

to Esther Palma

He said about the angels: “We must share mutual wounds, and not divide others into good and bad.”

Square Saint Peter It is full, as if the Catholic people wanted to witness their devotion to the Pope, to the second Pope Angelus Prayer In St. Peter’s Square after the death of Pope Benedict XVI and the first after him scathing accusations by Msgr. George Janswin. Which Francis did not mention in the eight minutes of his speech Never directly. But he comments: «Like a just and merciful God, we too, disciples of Jesus, are called to practice justice in this way, in our relations with others, in the Church, in society. The Christian does not use the cruelty of those who judge and condemn, dividing people into good and bad, but the mercy of those who welcome. Sharing wounds and fragility From sisters and brothers to raise them. I would put it this way: not by division, but by sharing. Do not swear, but share. Let us do like Jesus: let us share, let us bear each other’s burdens, instead of chatting and destroying, let us look to one another sympathyLet’s help each other.”

Francis devotes a large part of his meditation on Sunday to “Divisions among Christians”. For one cannot be a Catholic, a disciple of Christ and at the same time “speak ill of one’s neighbor and work to divide”: “Let us ask ourselves: am I a disciple of the love of Jesus or of gossip that divides us? Chatter is a deadly weapon, kill, kill love, kill community, kill brotherhood. Let’s ask ourselves: am I a person who divides or a person who participates? And again: «Brothers. Let us do as Jesus: let us share, let us bear one another’s burdens, instead of chatting and destroying, let us look upon one another with kindness, let us help one another. Several times in recent years Pope Francis has stigmatized the use of gossip Destructive chatterkisa: But this time his words have a different weight.

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Then he quoted the Emeritus Pope: «Benedict XVI He affirmed that `God wanted to save us by going to the bottom of the abyss of death, so that every human being, even those who have fallen to such an extent that they do not see the sky, can find the hand of God to cling to and come back from the darkness to see again the light for which he was created.’ At the end, he almost reaches out to the titular writer: «God’s justice, as the Bible teaches, is far greater: Its aim is not to convict the guilty party, but his salvation and rebirth, which makes him true. Because he is born of love, of the bowels of mercy and compassion which is the heart of God, the Father who is touched when we are persecuted by evil and we fall under the burden of sins and weaknesses. Therefore, the justice of God does not want to distribute punishments and punishments, but, as the Apostle Paul affirms, consists in making us His children only by freeing us from the snares of evil, recover and recover».

Shortly before being baptized by Pope V.I Sistine ChapelAccording to the Sunday tradition that the Catholic Church celebrates Baptism of Christ Some newborn babies of Vatican officials and citizens. In the prayer of the Annunciation he offered “the blessing to all the children who have received or will receive baptism in this period. I renew the invitation to all to celebrate the date of our baptism and to become Christians. Every year we celebrate this date, which is the birthday of faith.” He concluded, recalling the pain Ukrainian civilians «This Christmas in a war without light or heat, they suffer so much, please do not forget them»: «I think of Mothers of war victimsof dead soldiers, Russian and UkrainianI think of both. This is the price of war.”

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