Poisoned GF VIP: Matilda Brandi knocks her rival off the ladder | It ended very badly

Poisoned GF VIP: Matilda Brandi knocks her rival off the ladder |  It ended very badly

Matilde Brandy, with her gesture, did not get the desired result. In the end the showgirl was the only one who got hurt.

Matilde Baldi, a well-known showgirl, dancer and actress, is the star of the video that went viral on social media. But his gesture, instead of attracting the sympathy of his followers, was harshly criticized.

Matilda Brandi, the showgirl, is under fire on the Internet (Instagram)

She rose to prominence in the 1990s as part of the radio dance group “Buona Domenica”, and made her way into the entertainment world by participating in various shows including “Fantastica Italiana” and “Frankly I don’t care” alongside Adriano Celentano.

The “gag” was shared on Instagram

In 2002, Brandy established herself as one of RAI’s lead dancers. In addition to television, she participated in many theatrical productions, achieving great popularity, to the extent that she was chosen as the prima donna in Tele Faidaté, a show by the Bagaglino company.

He is also known for hosting shows such as “Piazza grande”, “Bet that…?” and “Cantando Balando”, in recent months he has participated in “Detto fatto” becoming a frequent guest on the show. Thanks to the many TV appearances, in recent years she has also gained a lot of popularity on the web.

Brandy is very active on social networks and interacts daily with her followers, showing herself between work and private life and often sharing her thoughts. He recently made a lot of noise about himself because of a video that was posted on the Internet.

After her colleague and friend Melina Marconi entered “Big Brother”, the showgirl wanted to share her “gag” in it Shown with Marconi’s life-size hardcover.

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User claims

In the video, the girl puts the jacket on her “friend” and then escorts her out of the house. On the other hand, it’s time for Marconi to say goodbye to friends and family to enter the most spied house in Italy.

“I promised Alfonso,” Brandi shouts in the video, before saying, “He’s coming to buy your car now” between laughs. Once I placed the hard shell on the tray, I realized it was locked out. As if that weren’t enough, Melina fell down the stairs shortly after.

Thus ends the video, which many users on social media did not like. The latter identified the showgirl as “envious.” And not at all funny: according to them, it will only be a search for attention. “Do you want to come again?” someone asked. While another user commented: “When you don’t know how you get noticed.”

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