December 5, 2022

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PlayStation Stars Will Have Level 5, Diamond, Invitation-Only Accessible, for Data Manufacturers –

According to the data selector, the new Sony service – playstation stars – will have level five It has not been announced as Diamond, which will not be available any other way except by invitation.

As you can see below, a Reddit user Share the information. According to him, all of this comes from the PlayStation mobile app. As indicated, the name of this level is Diamond and in the category of requirements for access to it is indicated the phrase “Diamond level by invitation only”.

Moreover, as shown, who reaches the level Diamond You automatically get a digital set called Level 5 Diorama – Robots Don’t Breathe, described as such: “In an endless sea of ​​stars, it seems like there’s nowhere to hide. But you wouldn’t be here if you let yourself be stopped by challenges. Welcome. At level 5.” Also in the links is a video and photo of the collectibles, which also include the Astrobots.

officiallyCurrently, four levels of PlayStation Stars have been confirmed. Each user starts from level 1 and can get ranked by buying games and earning prizes. The fifth level has not been announced, so what is being referred to is just a rumor. It might be something Sony intends to make available in the future or it might really be an invite-only level – however, it’s impossible to say what the invitation requirements are.

However, PlayStation Stars is already discussing the priority that customer support places on the upper echelons.