PlayStation prohibits the resale of games, according to its official terms of use

PlayStation prohibits the resale of games, according to its official terms of use

Play Station Apparently Forbidden there Resell the game By users, regardless of whether they are physical products on disk or digital: the rule was mentioned in the official terms of use of the Sony platform and no one has noticed it until now.

Specifically, Article 7.1 of the document, which regulates the resale of software, states: “Resale of disc games or digital games is prohibitedunless expressly authorized by our company and possibly the publisher, if the game is published by another company.”

It is clear and obvious that This is a rule that is largely ignored Over the years, in all regions, and we should understand exactly when it was included in the PlayStation Terms of Use, so we can also put it in context.

Not a new question

We were talking about timing: the document containing the PlayStation terms of use was Last updated December 2022so no one knows how long ago, but no one felt the need to review that particular article.

As mentioned, the rule probably made sense at the beginning of the PS4 generation, both on resale and indeed Sony has taken advantage of this topic To deliver some significant “communicative” blows to Xbox, which essentially wanted to ban the used market.

Then, as you may recall, community backlash pushed both companies into action And abandon any organization in this sensewithout prejudice to the existence of this article in the current PlayStation Terms of Use.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment on this matter.

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