March 25, 2023

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China, new satellite eye in the sky that tracks US military targets (including the aircraft carrier Truman)

there China It has taken another step into the field of military technology, thanks to its AI-powered satellite that can track a range of tactical or strategic targets in real time. Chinese researchers said Beijing’s “eye in the sky”, as they called it, could monitor the movement of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman, the largest in the US fleet, in seconds.

On June 17 last year, the satellite automatically detected the ship’s position in the strait off the coast of Long Island (New York), and transmitted the coordinates to Beijing, Chinese researchers said. Before this satellite was created, analysts had to analyze a huge amount of raw satellite data to arrive at the same conclusion. In this way, China was able to analyze the US Navy’s military exercises without problems, and broadcast them live.

Nuclear submarine Killer Hunter, China develops new models with latest missile launchers: spy satellite image

Russia launched a missile, it is “a useful military satellite for the armed forces”.

China’s new satellite

The Chinese team said the satellite is so smart that it can identify a wide range of tactical or strategic targets, and analyze more than 200 high-resolution image frames per second — a speed impossible even for some terrestrial computers. Satellite systems are usually slower than terrestrial systems due to their weight and space and energy limitations, and must operate for years in a harsh environment.

The Chinese team explained that although there were clouds over New York during the USS Harry S Truman strike group exercise, their satellite was able to identify the aircraft carrier in cloud gaps with a sharp image that contained a lot of detail, they almost ruled out the possibility of error. . In another test conducted with the satellite, they automatically detected and obtained the coordinates of military aircraft, naval ships and strategic assets such as oil storage tanks in northeastern Australia.

China’s military development

The Chinese team said that the smart satellite can increase the communication efficiency a million times because the artificial intelligence will remove most of the unwanted information that is blocking the channels. President Xi Jinping has made a strong commitment to AI and aims to match US technology by 2050. As a result, the Chinese military is making efforts to research, develop and operate AI for military purposes. However, Chinese leaders fear that the United States may develop systems that can overpower its air defenses and break into its command and control systems.

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