Plataforma per la Llengua opens a new headquarters in Alghero with the aim of doubling activity in defense of the people of Alghero | News from the language platform

On Saturday, February 10, at noon, Plataforma per la Llengua opened its new headquarters in Algiers. The ceremony was attended by Oscar Escoder, Mireya Plana, and Rut Karandel, respectively the president, vice president and director of the entity. The venue's opening events opened last night with a concert by the Mans Manetes choir at Poco Loco restaurant.

This morning, at 11.30, dozens of people from Alghero gathered in front of the new building, at number 44 Carrer de Pa i Aigua (via Ardoino). The opening ceremony of the venue was opened with the words of Mauro Mollas, delegate of the Plataforma per la Léngua in Alghero, who wanted to remember ten years of work for the language in Alghero by partners and volunteers, a work that amounts to “dozens” of campaigns, projects and ideas implemented in a way Inclusive, open and participatory.” Mauro Mollas also pointed to the collaboration with Obra Culture de l'Alguer, a mutual agreement that makes it possible to “give more concreteness to the work on behalf of the language.”

In addition to the members and volunteers, I extend special thanks to Irene Coggin, former delegate of the organization, for ten years the “face and driving force” of the language platform in Alghero.

Oscar Escoder, president of the entity, also intervened, stressing the importance of a new site in Alghero to bring it in line with other Catalan-speaking regions. According to the head of the organization, it is important that all speakers understand the same language in the community of more than ten million people. Then, Giuseppe Telloca, President of the Cultural Business of Alghero, pointed out the importance of uniting efforts between different entities to defend Catalanism, to obtain more results in the revitalization of Alghero.

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The ceremony concludes with a photo exhibition in the new headquarters, “2013-2023: Ten Years of the Language Platform in Alghero”.

The new headquarters of the Language Platform in Alghero

As of today, the inaugurated spaces will become an operational center where all activities of the Alghero Language Platform will be coordinated, starting with the Alghero Language Festival. Saint John Latin Section Which will be held in the first week of May.

Thus, the spaces possessed by the language platform, in physical communication with the buildings used as a library, will be encouraged by expanding the possibilities of users. Little by little, an intervention is planned to modernize the Catalan Library, thanks to the generosity of more than 900 people from all linguistic fields who responded to the donation campaign. Let's save the Catalan library in Algeria, This occasion achieved a wonderful result, raising more than 37 thousand euros.

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