Peugeot and Submarine Missions: an innovative partnership

Peugeot and Submarine Missions: an innovative partnership

What do Peugeot and submarine missions need to do? The French automaker, part of the Stellantis group since 2021, recently announced its partnership with UNDER THE POLE. It is a French submarine exploration program aimed at preserving the oceans.

Image from press release – Stellantis

This collaboration unites two entities that share a common vision: to use research and technological innovation to protect the environment.

Peugeot and Under the Pole: an innovative partnership

Under the Pole was founded by Ghislain Bardot and Emmanuelle Pierre Bardot in Concarneau in 2008. The program is committed to using scientific knowledge to protect the oceans, a goal that fits perfectly with Peugeot’s ambition.

In fact, the automaker has a clear roadmap for electrifying its vehicles and, in turn, maximizing environmental sustainability. By 2023, all models of the Peugeot range will be electrified. By 2025, each car will also be available in a 100% electric version. Finally, by 2030, 100% of cars sold in Europe will be 100% electric.

Peugeot missions and subs
Image by G_creative – Pixabay

But it doesn’t end there. with the plan Net zero carbon by 2038Peugeot goes further than fully electrifying its models. In fact, it also takes into account the materials used in the design and manufacture of the vehicles, thanks to the increased use of recycled materials. As well as the energy used, reduce industrial needs and resort more and more to renewable energies.

Under the Pole: An Ambitious and Brilliant Mission

Under The Pole focuses on three main goals:

  • organization of innovative round-the-world expeditions aimed at scientific exploration of the oceans;
  • Scientific research support.
  • Work to raise awareness and preserve the oceans.
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Scientific exploration of the oceansThe program includes, particularly in polar or isolated regions Deep lifewhich aims to discover the forests of marine animals in the Mesophotic zone (from a depth of 30 to 200 meters) in addition to their main role in the functioning of the marine ecosystem.

the Research support is the cornerstone of Under The Pole, which is committed to creating, testing and operating eco-friendly tools dedicated to underwater exploration.

Then there is a file consciousness, because they believe strongly within the program that knowledge is only meaningful when it is shared. This is why they believe that increasing public awareness is vital to help preserve the ocean ecosystem.

Peugeot expeditions and submarines, great contribution

Peugeot is keen to contribute tangibly to the activities of Under The Pole, It will provide two BOXER commercial vehicles. These vehicles will make it possible to transport all the equipment necessary to carry out the various tasks of the program.

Peugeot missions and subs
Image from press release – Stellantis

To kick off this partnership, on June 29, 2023, Under The Pole 2 Team members received a Peugeot Boxer that will be used to carry their gear on upcoming expeditions. The first Boxer will be used to tow the dive vessel and carry all equipment needed for the various missions of the program. The second vehicle will be used to pull the Under The Pole educational caravan across France, to raise awareness of the ocean theme among the public and school children.

In 2024 the next shipment

The next shipment is scheduled for April 2024. It will be possible to follow the exciting behind-the-scenes adventure and upcoming missions on the websites and social networks of the two partners. This partnership represents an important step towards a better understanding of “protect the oceans”. With technological innovation and scientific research in the service of environmental protection, Peugeot and Under the Ball work together for a more sustainable future.

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Peugeot and under the pole: photos and pictures

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