Persecution in St. Vicente to arrest the author of car theft

Persecution in St. Vicente to arrest the author of car theft

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The car intercepted by the local police in Sant Vicente flees at full speedPrivate archive

main artery l Saint Vincent de Castelet,l’Avenida del Secretari StreetThe scene was on Saturday morning at one o’clock Police chase Between a driver who stole the car he was driving the night before, a jeep, and a local police patrol.

This Saturday at noon local police have Located The car in question drives through Sant Vicenç itself. He started driving at high speed, jumping traffic lights and entering the oncoming lane, which is why the officers tried to intercept him on the boulevard by crossing the car in the middle of the street.

When the officers got out of the patrol car Identification and arrest The driver, this one It suddenly acceleratedHe collided with the police car and fled at high speed. The police chased him at full speed as well. He followed him until at the C-55 exit, the jeep stopped sharply and there was a collision with the patrol, which was unable to continue the pursuit.

But the driver was arrested shortly after by the Mossos d’Esquadra. It is a neighbor of Pont de Filomara. A local police officer in Sant Vicente was slightly injured.

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