Conference after Italy’s knockout and possible resignations live on air

Conference after Italy’s knockout and possible resignations live on air

The next day the pain will not be less. After Terrible knockout against Switzerland and exit from Euro 2024 In the round of 16, Luciano Spalletti and Gabriele Gravina were called to analyse the defeat. The Italian coach and the president of the federation speak at a press conference: updates on the future of the national team are expected. Follow all the data in real time.


Spalletti: “Thank you to the fans, players and technical staff.”

“I thank the fans for their closeness and love, the players for their willingness and professionalism to implement what I asked of them, and the federal staff for their quality and willingness to find solutions to every problem. I am sorry that I did not show their level of quality.” These are Spalletti’s first words.


Gravina: “Spalletti has our trust”

“Spalletti has our trust. A new appointment starts in 60 days and we cannot believe that Mbappé, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi will suddenly flourish in Italy. In our country we must appreciate the talent that exists: all youth teams are qualified for the final.” “The boys showed great engagement but there was no presence.”


Gravina Sue Spalletti: “A multi-year project”

“We also spoke with the coach, I’m very practical and you can’t think of abandoning a multi-year project after just a few months. Something also has to change in terms of approach. We all have to grow. When in the fall, you have to rise with the strength of the project and the work, and I I deal with such problems, and I do not run away from responsibilities, but we separate the political from the technical, otherwise we risk exploiting the technical part to attack the political side at this moment. For my part, we cannot think of doing actions that could cause worse damage. We have committed some actions in the past. We still talk about the difficulties today, but we face them in multiple ways.


Gravina: “Sorry, we are all responsible”

“I thank those who contributed greatly to this event, and I point out all our collaborators who made everything necessary for the team and the technical part available. The attendance of around 40 thousand here at Casa Azzurri is a positive sign. Especially today, a lot of emotions and reflections after yesterday We regret that we were not able to give the Italian fans the joy they deserve. We are sorry for the result. We know that it is subject to many variables that also indicate defeat because we were not able to return everything that was done, and we were not able to respond as we know how to do. This is a disappointment. “The hope that we should all think about last night, the coach, Buffon and the whole team started talking. The boys shared all our responsibilities. We have nothing to hide: we are all responsible.” So said Gabriele Gravina at the press conference.

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When Italy returns: the programme

Italy sadly returns home. After the press conference that Gravina and Spalletti will hold a few minutes away from Casa Azzurri, the bus with all the staff will leave at 1.40pm. An hour after the team leaves: Full program


Capello attacks Spalletti live

After being eliminated from the European Championship by Switzerland, Fabio Capello strongly criticized Luciano Spalletti’s actions: what did he say on tv


Social media against Spalletti and the Azzurri

A rain of criticism and negative messages on social media for the national team, which exits Euro 2024 in the round of 16 after defeat against Switzerland. There is no shortage of criticism of individuals: Read everything


Spalletti camera in Switzerland and Italy

“Beans, you don’t need them there”, “Skamaka, you have to”: Laws from All the coach’s phrases were shouted from his team’s bench during the disaster against the Swiss.


Italy, the fool of the whole world

Italy’s exit from the UEFA Euro 2024 at the hands of Switzerland sparked reactions around the world, with many international newspapers commenting on the Azzurri’s early exit from the tournament prominently on their websites: Show all


Spalletti responds to Swiss journalist

Luciano Spalletti responded in class to a Swiss journalist who compared Yakin’s Switzerland to a Ferrari and the Azzurri to a panda. Perhaps a reference to the episode Stolen Panda from Spalletti in Napoli:Laws from What happened?


Switzerland-Italy, TV ratings and stocks

Nearly 10.7 million fans watched the bitter defeat suffered by Spalletti’s Azzurri team in the round of 16 of the European Championship yesterday on Rai 1. The match between Switzerland and Italy attracted an average of 10 million and 692 thousand spectators, equivalent to 64.27%: All information

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Gravina and Spalletti, their fates intersected

Gravina and Spalletti started talking on the bus to the airport in Berlin. It is clear this morning that they will have to give a reckoning to Italy and clearly show how Italian football can resume. But they themselves are awaiting judgment: Read everything


Director Zazzaroni’s comment

“After all, we left the European Championship because of an incident: we entered the pitch at six o’clock yesterday evening. An unforgivable mistake, because from that moment on we no longer existed. Italy was the worst of our lives. Terrible, disjointed, fragile.” He added: “Unable to defend, attack and react, at the mercy of Switzerland, which is not Mbappé’s France, but just a good team, we were not able to play football.” Read director Ivan Zazzaroni’s full editorial from.


Spalletti, Gravina and possible resignations

The coach’s contract extends until the 2026 World Cup finals, while the federal president will have to run in elections that must be called by March 2025: Three scenarios and dates


Spalletti Conference: when and where to see it

after Heated statements after the match between Switzerland and ItalySpalletti is expected to hold a press conference today with President Gravina. Starting at 12.30pm, it will be possible to follow the live broadcast on the Corriere dello Sport website.

Casa Azzurri, Iserlohn, Germany

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