Evidence of dialogue between Xi and Biden at the Virtual Summit on Monday at the US-China, APEC

Fight the virus, economic recovery, technological cooperation and sustainable development. By following the “true diversity and non-conflict dialogue”. Here are the priorities Xi Jinping, Also launched – to re-emphasize his views and compliment himself with New Zealand hosts – quoting a Maori proverb: “Success is an individual, but always a partnership”. It should therefore underline that “China will work with all” to create a “shared” future and open a new chapter in Asia-Pacific cooperation. Published Stronger than ever From the now-concluded Party Plenum, Gigi wanted to recall how his China had embarked on a “new journey to build a modern socialist country.” With APEC and the rest of the world “.

Working together against Govt, promoting research, production and fair distribution of vaccines, Xi points out. Reminder – In the long-distance challenge with the US President Joe Biden – China has pledged two billion doses to the world by the end of this year: “We have already delivered 1.7 billion”. As the saying goes: America, if you’ve there, give it a shot. The Chinese president insists that “dialogue rather than conflict, inclusion rather than exclusion and integration rather than disconnection” (another implicit, but not much about the United States). In the context of the tensions with Washington, especially on the issue Taiwan, Xi had already tried to cut it on another, on Thursday Video message Presented on the sidelines of the APEC Summit. “The conflict and split of the Asia-Pacific Cold War era must not be repeated. Attempts to draw ideological lines or create small circles based on geopolitics will fail.”

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According to the White House report, US President Biden’s intervention was, above all, aimed at strengthening economic ties with the Pacific region, with a view to fostering fair and open trade. The United States underlined that it had provided 64 million doses of vaccines to APEC member states, thus responding to efforts by China.

Washington’s goal is to reopen channels with Asian countries after the Trump era, while presenting Beijing’s alternative model. Biden and Xi will discuss this during the Digital Summit scheduled for Monday, which has been in the wake of a growing wave of bilateral tensions for several months now, but also about the way forward. Climate agreement Negotiations were held in Glasgow by the Special Envoy John Kerry And its Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua. Let us now see whether this is an isolated case or the first decision to make.

However, Washington was half disappointed with the APEC summit hosted by New Zealand because it failed to accept its candidacy for the next meeting in 2023. This time the siege did not come from China, but from Russia. In return the Americans demanded that some ambassadors be removed from the blacklist of undesirable persons. The suspension is not certain, but it confirms the now apparent rivalry between the dictatorships and the United States.

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