June 3, 2023

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Orsini’s latest theory about the war in Ukraine: “Putin is a war criminal like Zelensky: the US does not want peace”

According to Alessandro Orsini, there is no possibility of peace in Ukraine, due to the fault of the United States and the European Union, which has “lost its reasons”. to White papers On Righttree, Professor Lewis cut short after the words of the USSC spokesperson, John Kirby, who questioned China’s neutrality towards the Ukrainian conflict in light of its relations with Russia: “The United States does not want peace or even a cease-fire.” In question and answer with MP Maurizio LupiOrsini, the leader of the Noi con l’Italia movement, then put the Russian and Ukrainian presidents on the same level: “Putin is a war criminal and Zelensky is on the same level.” According to Orsini’s analysis, “there is no possibility” of a cease-fire in Ukraine: “The White House has officially declared that it is against a cease-fire – in his words – the American position is the enemy of peace and a cease-fire. The official position of the White House, as John Kirby said , is that the war must go on even without stopping for an hour.” Kirby Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the professor of sociology of international terrorism admits at least one distinction: «I do not question that Russia committed crimes, I question the fact that the European Union has lost its reasons. The European Foreign Ministers Council has decided that we will produce 1 million munitions, worth 2 billion euros, for delivery to Ukraine by 2023. Everything we do, including the arrest warrant against Putin, is against peace.” He thus came to the conclusion that “Putin is a war criminal Zelensky is also a war criminal.”

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