On Parma UniStem Day, Flag Day dedicated to secondary schools

On Parma UniStem Day, Flag Day dedicated to secondary schools

PARMA – Parma’s new edition UniStem Daythe allotted day To promote study and education in scientific culture. The appointment, Intended for high school students Friday, March 10, starting at 9, on the University of Pharmacy campus (former library hall).

UniStem is an opportunity for girls and boys ages 16-19 to learn, discover and exchange ideas about biomedical knowledge and innovation starting with stem cell research.

morning coordinating Constance LaGrasta Researcher in the Department of Medicine and Surgery and by Francesca ZimteProfessor, Department of Food Science and Pharmacy, It will be opened with the greeting of Rector Paolo Andre and a youth community advisor in the Municipality of Parma Amy Beatrice. Speeches will follow Parma University professors and experts Who will introduce me More current topics related to stem cells And the, More generally, for biomedical research. We will talk about the search for new therapies for the treatment of leukemia, artificial intelligence, regenerative medicine, and innovative aspects of biomedical research. The initiator of this event is Senator for Life Elena Cattaneo, a world-famous stem cell scientist. His participation shows how it is necessary to make young people aware of the issue of stem cells and scientific research in general, which is often managed in a miraculous or derogatory way by the media and the scientific world itself.

UniStem Day has strengthened its international dimension over time, reaching more than 30,000 students in nearly 100 participating universities and research centres, spread across 15 countries on 4 continents (Australia, Austria, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal , United Kingdom, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Hungary).

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The UniStem Day will foster curiosity and in-depth study by engaging with experiences associated with cultural expectations associated with research, the mechanisms of knowledge formation and consolidation, and the discovery that scientific research is enjoyable and favors personal and social relationships built on experiences, courage and “integrity.”

Program Fifteenth Edition

9.00 am

Opening – Francesca Zemte and Costanza Lagrasta

9.20 am

Greetings from the Rector of the University of Parma – Paul Andrew

9.30 am

Greetings from the Youth Community Adviser of the Municipality of Parma – Amy Beatrice

09.40 am

Lucia PreciousParma University Hospital

The long journey of hematopoietic stem cells


Stefano BrunoDepartment of Food and Drug Sciences, University of Parma

Blood substitutes in biomedical research: From modified hemoglobin to stem cells

10.20 am

Massimiliano TognoliniDepartment of Food and Drug Sciences, University of Parma

Cancer stem cells: new therapeutic opportunities?

10.40 – 11.00

Coffee break


Hajj KarfaDepartment of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma

Liquid biopsy between myth and reality

11.20 am

Massimo BertuzziDepartment of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma

Terminator or Wall-E? Artificial intelligence and deep learning

11.40 am

Francesca BotiniDepartment of Food and Drug Sciences, University of Parma

Pulmonary delivery microparticles


Business closing

Constance LaGrasta

To participate, you must register before Tuesday 7 March via the web form at the link https://www.unipr.it/node/31960

Scientific honesty:

Maria Pia Adorni (E-mail: [email protected] – ​​Tel. 0521 906172)

Ilaria Zanotti (E-mail: [email protected] – ​​Tel. 0521 905040)

Organizational secretariat:

Bianca Papotti (E-mail: [email protected] – ​​Tel. 0521 905038)

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Antonella Maria Nogara (e-mail: [email protected] – ​​tel. 0521 033458)

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