What is the scandal that characterizes the election campaign in…

What is the scandal that characterizes the election campaign in…

Early elections in Unit of count They paint a very poor picture of the Conservative Party, which has been exhausted by government crises, internal disputes and failed policies. And if all that combination isn’t enough, some Conservative candidates are dragging the party’s image into the ground. This is all due to the illegal betting scandal that has angered many conservative politicians. The country’s betting committee began several investigations into politicians who bet on the July elections. So far, there are 5 Conservative Party politicians under investigation. The main problem is that they rot After using the information provided through their center to bet with unique information On what date will the elections and thus illegal enrichment take place?

The Gambling Commission has informed Russell George, the Conservative member of the Welsh Parliament who is being investigated for betting on electoral progress. Five Conservative Party members are already under investigation for illegal betting on the election. The Conservative Party responded by withdrawing its support for many of the people investigated. but, It was not only the Conservative Party candidates who were upset by this issue, but also the Labor Party.

In the case of the Labor Party, it announced that it had suspended the Central Suffolk and North Ipswich candidate, Kevin Craig, after the Gambling Commission launched an investigation into betting on the election. Craig, a lobbyist and political crisis management expert, confirmed that he was being investigated for betting that he would not win his constituency.

Sunak’s minister earns £2,000

If the Conservatives are not fine with five candidates investigated, Scotland Secretary Alistair Jack has revealed he won more than £2,000 (€2,368) in a bet on the date of the UK general election. However, he maintains that his case is not like the cases of the people investigated, because he did so before the period investigated by the Commission and, therefore, he would not have violated any law. “I am very clear that I have never, on any occasion, violated any Gambling Commission rules,” Jack said. “Furthermore, I am not aware of any family or friends betting. I have nothing further to say.” On this issue.”

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Opinion polls against the Conservatives

Sunak could make history in the upcoming UK elections, but not in a positive way. An opinion poll in Britain showed how Sunak could become the only Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom to lose his seat after leaving Downing Street. In the British electoral system, a nominal single majority is won by the candidates of whichever party receives the largest number of votes in each constituency, excluding the proportion of votes cast at the national level. So Sunak should be the favorite in his own constituency, but in the Savanta poll Telegraph He points out that it will be very difficult.

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