Nürburgring record among compact sedans

Nürburgring record among compact sedans

Audi It tears up the competition among compact sedans. There couldn’t be a better advertisement for House of the Four Rings than to write a new record on the track Nürburgring. In the green hell, brands from all over the world, especially from Germany, compete with breathtaking times. Even a penny can be the difference between “victory” and “defeat.”

To pass the test bench, destroying the competition, is to occupy a worthy place in history. A place conquered by the Audi RS 3. The hours of study and development devoted to the search for perfection from a mechanical point of view in relation to the available resources, has created a monster. The company moved from Markus Duesmann to Gernot Dollner last September, and the company must relaunch its pricing.

Sales are below expectations: Döllner is asked for redemption

Disappointing sales numbers were fatal for the former CEO, especially in China and the United States. Markets may have been of secondary importance yesterday, but they are essential today. The addressed pool of potential buyers required a sharp and decisive correction. Achievements such as those just achieved at the Nürburgring are the result of synergistic action.

In the priority center we find electronics, an improved system that better coordinates every component of the vehicle. Smart system Torque divider It distributes torque between the rear wheels in a variable and efficient manner, to ensure optimal traction in any condition. Furthermore, the traction control system is worth highlighting, as it has been calibrated to maximize traction and grip when cornering. The DCC adaptive suspension adjustments are able to instantly adapt to road surface conditions and driving style, ensuring satisfactory handling.

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Five cylinder 2.5 TFSI

Under the hood of the Audi RS 3 the powerful excel Five cylinder 2.5 TFSI, capable of unleashing 400 hp (slightly less than 407 in the Performance version) and 500 Nm of maximum torque. In addition to delivering exciting performances, Beating Heart delivers an exciting sound and upbeat vibes. High-performance Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires and carbon ceramic brakes complete a top-class technology package. The Audi RS 3 will arrive in Italian dealerships in… Fourth quarter of 2024in double version: Sedan and Sportback. There’s still no price list for the future addition to the Audi range, but there’s no rush either, given that a drop is months away.

The exploitation on the Nordschleife compensates for the progress made in the car’s behavior during entry and travel: “This is the key to our success – Frank Stabler noted -. The new Audi RS 3 enters corners with extraordinary ease, thanks to a new traction control setup that works through targeted interventions on the front wheels, and the Torque Splitter system, which distributes torque between the rear wheels effectively and in a completely variable way, ensuring that the Audi The new RS 3 with a penchant for oversteer and unprecedentedly improved handling from the quattro all-wheel drive system. By doing this, understeer virtually disappears and it is possible to exit the corner by accelerating earlier.”.

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