Hamilton is ahead of everyone, Sainz is second, and Leclerc is sixth. Red Bull is in trouble

How Ferrari gets to the Spanish Grand Prix: recovered engines and technical innovations

(Daniele Sparischi) However, efforts are focused on the very short term, as power outages in Canada must be eliminated. There is optimism on the reliability front: the unit made 80 horsepower in Montreal It appears that Leclerc has been restored after in-depth analysis, as are the previous ones that were dismantled as a precaution after some sensor alarms.. But in such a tight championship, it is accepted that – from August onwards – the use of new power units outside the limits of the regulations (4 per 24 Grands Prix), and managing future penalties on tracks suitable for overtaking – Spa and Monza for example – will be another variable. Charles expects to turn the page immediately: “We have solved the problems, and we will return to our level.” I am sure: we have also reset our mind and Fred’s contribution (Vasseur edition) was very important. “He restored our confidence.”

The problem is understanding at what level, In fact, Barcelona is for Red Bull It will measure the true distance with the pursuers after a series of hard-fought GPs. “If we can fight here – Monaco continues – it will be an excellent signal for the rest of the season.”

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