No supercars in multiplayer and crosshairs after launch, for a report –

No supercars in multiplayer and crosshairs after launch, for a report –

Tom Henderson has released a new Xfire Report dedicated to F1 2022. According to its sources, Super cars will not be available in multiplayer At the request of FOM (Formula One Management), while Cross-play has been postponed internally and will not be available at launch.

For starters, Henderson previously reported various rumors about the new chapter of the series. According to his sources, F1 2022 will have supercars for the first time, and it will support virtual reality viewers and cross-play between different platforms. There will also be a classic career mode (the driver and my team), but the story mode will be absent, and it will be replaced by the new one. “F1 LIFE”, a hub where players will be able to get a closer look at a behind-the-scenes look at the daily lives of Formula 1 drivers, with the option to buy and collect “various luxury items”, such as watches and eyeglasses. ”

According to new information from his internal sources, Tom Henderson says F1 2022 has been postponed internally, albeit slightly, with exit period Expected fixed for the month of July.

F1 2021

Role super car, one of the most alleged innovations in the new version, has been resized at the request of FOM, even if the reasons are not clear (maybe not overshadowed by Formula 1), and therefore cannot be used in an online multiplayer game. This class of cars will still be available in single player modes.

Moreover, it appears that By playing between different platforms It has been delayed and therefore won’t be available at launch, but will be integrated later, possibly with a free update.

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Finally, according to Henderson’s sources, it is clear that F1 2022 will introduce many changes to the gameplay, except for the management, customization and ERS of cars, the penalty system, the Podium Pass, co-op (2 players), career and my team which will not make fundamental changes compared to By F1 2021.

Over time, Tom Henderson has proven to be a reliable source of information, but we still recommend that you take the aforementioned indiscretions easy.

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