January 27, 2023

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Negative sales not only of the French publisher but of the entire industry, of Dring – Multiplayer.it

the negative sales made from addresses Ubisoft In 2022, it is not only about the French publisher, but also aboutthe entire industryChristoper Dring, a gaming industry journalist who specializes in publishing sales data, points out.

In a Twitter post, Dring mentioned “points of concern” in the statements released by Ubisoft. In particular, the part about the market trend to coalesce around the strongest franchises, marginalizing all other games, seems to have gotten away with a lot.

Dring: “Yeah, COD, FIFA, LEGO, Elden Ring, GOW, and Pokémon make big numbers. But look a little lower and Tiny Tina, Saints Row, Midnight Suns, Mario + Rabbids, and Two Point Campus… they don’t go well.” good “.

In short, the problem is much more widespread than it seems, and bankruptcies are piling up, creating huge problems for the business traditional market.

In the comments, someone pointed out to Dring that Gearbox reported on the success of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which the journalist noted failed to even enter the top 50 in Europe for 2022.

Someone wondered if confirmation of subscription services led to contractual game sales, which Dring doesn’t rule out but should be studied before drawing conclusions.

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