Nearly a thousand layoffs in various departments, including Xbox –

Nearly a thousand layoffs in various departments, including Xbox –

Microsoft Announced in the last few hours layoffs For nearly thousand people. The cuts seem to involve different divisions of the company, including X-Boxin different parts of the world.

In the midst of the UK’s antitrust controversy, Microsoft, like many other technology companies, is facing a complex economic situation that is slowing its growth.

“Like all companies, we regularly reassess our business priorities and make adjustments accordingly,” Microsoft said. “We will continue to invest in industry and employment in key areas in the coming months.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Apparently about a thousand people make up a tiny percentage of the domestic labor in Redmond, which certainly does not face a crisis; However, layoffs have also occurred among experienced war veterans, who find themselves in the difficult position of having to find a new job.

Last July, Microsoft announced revenue growth of 10% in the first quarter of the fiscal year, the lowest level in five years. The next financial results will be presented on October 25th.

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