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Calido Coulibaly, defender of Naples, an extended interview with microphones dazn. These are his words:

Picture – “I’ve always had close friends come to see me and I don’t want to change them. I’ve always done everything with them, I’ve grown up with them and told myself that people who know me should do it like theirs. The most important thing is to stay humble, people have to see me as Kaleido Coulibaly, the little kid who went to school and played with his friends and not as the famous football player. For me that is important.”

City – “People make this city magical, so Naples has beautiful places. When I wake up in the morning, I am lucky enough to see the waterfront, Vesuvius, Capri. Here, if you go to the city center, you will meet all the loving fans, you understand the importance of the club to the city .in my opinion they dream and sleep and eat Napoli, so you see it from the first day of your arrival. The thing they have always told me is that when you arrive in Naples, you cry twice, when you arrive and when you leave.”

the team – “We all know each other, our families have been dating for years. We go out to dinner a few times, so that’s our beauty, we live well together. And when I hear other people talking about their teams, I notice that there is no comparison, nobody lives like us in Naples.” I think it’s very important and it reflects on the pitch.”

child – “With Ghulam I did some charitable work in the hospital and other events as well. We found students in the school. I consider Ghulam a brother.”

Game – “It’s great. When I arrived in Naples, he was the first person I shared a room with. He taught me a little Italian. I remember we were on the bed and he always corrected my words. Then it was unusual on the field, we all know what a player he is and the importance he has.” With him in Chelsea and the Italian national team. I enjoyed playing with him a lot, we looked at each other and found him to be a great player.”

badge – “Lorenzo is the history of Napoli, he is a very strong player who has always done well and I like him very much. He is also a wonderful person. He walks around? He never says it, he does it and that is the beauty of it. He, I am very close to him and when we are in the national team we are often On the phone together we call each other. I don’t know if he taught me Naples but the word I always say is ‘fratmo’ I understand Italian very well and I try to understand it.”

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Childhood – “I was born in France to Senegalese parents. My father was a carpenter and my mother was a waitress. I was surrounded by many people of foreign origin, of different nationalities but we all speak French. We were all brothers, a big family. Many friends used to come home to Senegalese food, and it was My mom is getting ready. At home we only speak Senegalese but outside French, I was already bilingual when I was a kid and I want to pass this on to my kids because it made me grow up faster. The most special thing I remember is related to football. C “France and Senegal in the year 2002, I was lucky enough to see her at school and we sang for both teams. It was a beautiful moment. Baba Bouba Diop Record. My class teacher was my soccer coach and he surprised us because we were in the notebooks and got us running by turning on the TV. Beautiful moment. At the end of the match, the Turks, the French, the Senegalese and the Arabs all dance for joy, a moment that he will never forget.”

National – “It is an option that I have been thinking about for a whole year, whether playing for Senegal or France. Then with the help of my parents, the decision came almost naturally. When I am with the other players, I feel in the family. I have never regretted it, not even in 2018 when I won France with the World Cup. Perhaps if I had been there I would not have reached the cup, I believe in the fate of the people. They deserved it and I am very happy for it France but I hope to raise it one day with Senegal.”

Senegal – “Why are we Lions of Teranga? Teranga is a land of welcome, everyone should feel at home. When a guest comes, we want him to feel at home. I was lucky enough to bring two friends from Naples to Senegal and when they got there they were surprised because they said “Look, They treat you better than they treat you with their own.” I told them this is the spirit of Teranga, you have to feel like you are in your family, at home. Mission accomplished.”

Spalletti – “He gave us a lot especially in the mentality. He always respected Napoli. The first thing he said was that he should find the problem with this team because it’s not normal that they didn’t win and that immediately gave us a signal because if someone from the outside said that, it means that we have Really potential.The best thing is that he had the humility to say that Mr. Gattuso’s work has been very good, he has done a very good job and that he is not here for not everything but to give more things.My teammates always tell me that when there is a coach he is My father, and the same has been said of Gattuso. In my opinion, we should ask Spalletti more.”

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Leader Spalletti calls me ‘Your Majesty,’ the ‘Captain’, a little at everything because he says I’m a captain but I do what I think is right. If I have to help the team, I do it, I’ve been here for 8 years. I always make myself available. Any player who asks me for help I will gladly help him. I understand that if we play with Napoli we will play for an entire city, for millions of people because Naples is a big city and has millions of fans all over Italy. The world. When we go out to the stadium, it should be 200- 300%”.

Cinema – “I had to make a Western movie that would be Spalletti Cowboy because he could have an ambiguous attitude against the rules. A title for a movie about Naples 2021/22? Surely in memory of Maradona, maybe with the Scudetto it would be more beautiful.”

Maradona – “When a legend like Maradona spends words that are important to you, it is a source of pride, it is not something that many can enjoy. I was lucky enough to receive words of appreciation. I sent him a T-shirt and told him I was waiting for him in Naples. I was lucky enough to see him when We played against Real Madrid and I’m very happy with that.”

OSIMHEN – “His first year was tough. Nobody expected the level he’s at today but he never finished pretending, he has a lot for people to see season after season. He is a very calm and humble boy who makes you laugh and jokes with his teammates especially with Manolas. When he scores a goal he dances With Insigne. He’s an extraordinary person and I want to help him achieve what he wants because he deserves it. He’s always available to everyone and that’s the beauty he shows. I tell him the editorial. Spalletti uploaded it, when he arrived and immediately stood behind him, he pushed him to improve what wasn’t working well Gattuso helped him a lot, gave him a lot of confidence and strength. Today this group bears fruit.”

Benitez – “On my first day here, I had lunch with Benitez. He put eleven cups in front of me and showed me the movements of the defender. With him it was great for me because it was my first year in Italy and he helped me a lot. In the first six months he made me play a lot and then I went to the floor less after the break.He explained to me that Italian football is very different from what I knew and I thank him very much for what he did because he made me grow so much.I also hung the phone twice.I got a call when I was in Genk,he was speaking in English and he said ‘I’m Benitez’but I thought That he was a friend of mine who I had every day and had to come and get me. When my manager called me to tell me it was really him. Then I apologized I think a hundred times.”

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Racism – “At first it’s hard, you think you’re wrong by shouting that someone has hurt you. But the nice thing is that the city reminds you that you are not wrong and that you are the right person. This problem can be fought further we will do that. I see we have made progress compared to years past. Chiellini called me, And I love him so much. Only on the pitch when I face him I can’t be his friend (laughs, editor). He is a wonderful person and has always defended me on all fronts. He gave me advice as a player and as a man. He was very sorry and apologized on behalf of all of Italy. In the end It’s a battle we all have to fight and he always told me he was with me. He helped me keep going. It’s a good sign for the future.”

radio – “I have a lot of respect for referee Irrati, in that Lazio-Napoli he made a very strong gesture because he came very calmly and said to me ‘If there is a problem, let’s stop the match’. I have to thank him for giving me the strength to really start fighting this discrimination. And I owe it to him.” to the man I am today as well.”

the mask – “When I got to the stadium and saw all the fans in my face I was so surprised, I wasn’t really expecting it. We are 22 on the pitch and all these fans are wearing my mask, they support me and they stand behind me. These fans have always encouraged me and I want to give them something. I hope to do That’s on the pitch, but I like them a lot also off the pitch. People are for me.”

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