Moto Moreni, landing in the US is official

Moto Moreni, landing in the US is official

After many rumors, the official announcement has also arrived: Moto Morini’s eagle flies across the Atlantic to conquer the USA

The news doesn’t exactly come as a bolt out of the blue, since rumors about them have already been following each other for a while. But the official announcement of Moto Morini’s arrival in the American market is nonetheless gratifying, taking the form of yet another testament to the new Chinese owners’ willingness to invest in the glorious Italian brand, restoring it to its former glory and giving the Bolognese eagle flight a global horizon.

Moreni with stars and stripes

Already in December, some documents submitted to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Nhtsa) predicted the imminent “landing” of the Italian brand on US soil, owned by Zhongneng Vehicle Group since 2018. In recent days, Morini, registered in USA under the name of Zhejiang Morini Vehicle Co., Ltd. Ltd., and discovered the cards accompanying the advertisement with submission of a dedicated site URL (currently still inactive) which relates the progress of works to establish the new Stars and Stripes headquarters in Irvine, California, as well as the sales and service network. There are no specific indications regarding the models that will be distributed in the United States, the new “phase” of Moreni’s expedition after Italy, China, India and other Asian countries: here, for the time being, the brand sells X-Cape Adventure and Seiemmezzo in Str and Scr versions, all of them Equipped with a 650 cc parallel twin.

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