Moscow’s relations with the USA

Moscow’s relations with the USA

Try to tighten his muscles a little earlier Joe Biden Zelensky appeared alongside A.J Kyiv. According to CNN, several US officials are saying so He flies to make Intercontinental ballistic missile test In recent days, shortly before the US President’s visit to Ukraine on Monday. According to the same sources reported by the American channel, the United States was warned (just as Moscow warned about Biden’s trip).

However, the test of the Sarmat missile, nicknamed Satan II, could have failed. He flies He gave advance notice to the United States of the launch across deconfliction lines. Another official said the test poses no danger to the United States and is not an escalation. president put it in He made no mention of it at all in yesterday’s speech. Sarimites carry nuclear warheads.

The test (failed) and US-Russian communications

The timing of the test indicates that the US and Russia were communicating through different channels earlier in the week for deconfliction purposes. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Monday that U.S. officials told the Russians on Sunday evening, hours before Biden’s visit to Kiev, that the president would travel to the Ukrainian capital. The Sarmat missile has already been successfully tested in the past: according to US officials, if Monday’s test had been successful, Russian President Vladimir Putin would have emphasized it in his State of the Nation address yesterday. Instead, Putin made no mention of it at all. CNN initially reported that the testing took place while Biden was in Ukraine, based on information provided by some sources, but one official later said the testing took place shortly before Biden arrived in the country. A second source specified that the test took place on Monday, without giving a more precise timing.

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