June 3, 2023

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More than 15 million viewers watched the USA and England match in the World Cup

A new TV audience record in the United States for a men’s soccer match.

In the match between the United States and England, which is valid for Group B of the World Cup in Qatar, a lot spread in America, the live broadcast of Fox of the drawn match 15.4 million viewersmaking it the most-watched men’s soccer game on American English-language television.

This number, as reported by Front Office Sports, exceeds the previous record of 14.5 million set in the 1994 World Cup Final between Italia and Brazil, passing the $13.8 million mark for the United States’ group stage match against Portugal in 2014.

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Friday’s game peaked at 19.6 million viewers, with Kansas City, Hartford, and Boston having the largest attendance.

It also marks a huge rebound from the 8.3 million people who watched English-language television in the USA team’s first match against Wales.

Fox expected the television audience to be large and for this reason the commercial area increased the rates for commercials for this match than usual From 285 thousand to more than 570 thousand euros 30 seconds to see.

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To improve this score further, however, the national team will have to keep winning.

That’s because the U.S. women’s team still holds the television viewership record 25.4 million viewers In the final of the 2015 Women’s World Cup against Japan.

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