Lancia, beauty and elegance: here it is, the manifesto of the future

Lancia, beauty and elegance: here it is, the manifesto of the future

The first taste – It’s too early to know a face Throw tomorrow. But a first glimpse is given of the style cornerstones around which designers will shape the shapes of upcoming models. In a charming setting in the Reggia di Venaria, on the outskirts of Turin, the House of Turin today opened its first real home A window into your futurewhile providing some indications of the fil rouge that will characterize the i Three models Totally new Between 2024 and 2028This is the date by which the brand expects to complete the electrification of its range and sell exclusively battery-powered cars.

Pure and radical, not just a workout – It’s an exercise that requires a good dose of imagination, imagine how Lance Pu + Ra Zero (His name is a combination of the words “pure” and “radical”) he will be able to influence his style new ypsylon affiliate 2024from the new Main Planned home 2026 and heir Delta which we shall see 2028. But it is definitely worth doing, because there are many suggestions from the past, and they refer to models that even today still fascinate everyone who is looking for beauty and elegance in a car above all. The carpet unveiled today at the Reggia di Venaria is more than just a concept car sculpture, a holographic sticker that “exceeds the limits of the car”. Pure ingenuity, or is it really in this daring alternation of soft and angular shapes that lurks the dictionary with which Lancia is preparing to write a new chapter of its future? They guarantee from Turin that they did not package a “provocation” of effect, and that every single centimeter of Pu + Ra Zero does indeed contain an idea, an idea, and a legacy. In short, something “tangible” that will actually be carried over to the three new models with which Lancia aims to once again become the protagonist among the major European luxury manufacturers.

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New logo tells two souls – Feeling Lance Pu + Ra ZeroSo, it becomes clear: to condense the more realistic aspects of the style that will characterize both the new Ypsilon and its older sisters into a highly fictional being. In this regard, the designers made it no secret that they drew inspiration from some of the house’s landmarks: from Aurelia B20 to Flaminia, and from Stratos to Delta. the biggest challenge? It will consist in merging with the harmony that pervades the great Lancias volumes of past shapes sometimes in apparent contrast to each other: on the one hand the soft and sensual shapes of the gran, on the other the angular and aggressive of the models who won everything in the rallies. Two souls merge into one, which will be communicated through language simpler and more graceful than in the recent past. starting from Logo. that the newwhich will adorn the new Ypsilon for the first time in 2024, is a synthesis of 116 years of history, reinterpreting the 1957 logo, re-proposing all its elements in a minimalist graphic design: from the steering wheel to the flag, from the shield to the spear, even the letters, which were created her new line.

concrete points – But in practice, what will he leave Lance Pu + Ra Zero To which models will see the assembly line lights? At least two signals that we can assume to review in series models: In front of me Point-shaped (a spear of course), it is perfectly shaped by the horizontal and vertical lines that meet to form the grid. Apart from the new look, what is new is that the new grille can also function as a “luminous signature”, making the new Lancias instantly recognizable even in the dark. The second is me Tail lights Round: Inspired by those of the Stratos models, joined by the large ‘Lancia’ lettering, the Ypsilon will give a touch of audacity. That doesn’t hurt, given that the heir to Lancia’s bestseller, which has always been beloved by motorists, will also aim to impress the male audience.

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