Microsoft has created a virtual museum to celebrate the console’s 20th anniversary –

As part of the festivities 20th Anniversary of Xbox, Microsoft has created a file Interactive digital museum that honors the history of the brand.

This virtual experience is completely free and divided into different thematic areas. There’s a section dedicated to the history of every Xbox console released so far, and one for the Halo saga, as well as a “My Xbox Museum” section, a section you can only enter using your Xbox account credentials that re-tracks your player’s story.

Within each thematic area of ​​the Xbox Virtual Museum, it is possible to move freely as a file digital avatar, first-person or third-person, using a mouse and keyboard from a computer or using the touch screen controls of your smartphone or tablet. In the various exhibitions, it is possible to relive some of the memorable moments in the history of the Xbox brand through documents, brief informative articles and videos.

This is the interactive area of ​​the Xbox Museum dedicated to Microsoft’s first console

For example, in the area dedicated to the first console of the Redmond giant, it is possible to enjoy some videos and graphics related to the prototyping, as well as the historical presentation of the Xbox with Bill Gates and The Rock, which is unusual but certainly an unforgettable combination.

Among other things, it is also a “multiplayer” experience, where you will explore different thematic areas with other users connected in the same session. Definitely an interesting idea and worth a try. you can do that to this address.

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