March 21, 2023

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Men and women, a bad accident for the former lady: her condition

A former women’s and men’s lady revealed that she had a bad car accident, and informs her fans about the health conditions.

There are many expectations for next season men and women, which already promises several innovations in the studio’s pre-summer presence. Some rumors are talking about it Gemma GalganiAfter a year in which she has been sidelined several times, she can leave Maria de Filippi’s move to enter a house GF Vip 7.

Men and women, the former lady had a car accident: her story (Photo © Mediaset).

also a future Ida Platano It sparks a lot of curiosity for both men and women. The Sicilian hairdresser shared the song that made her fall in love with her on her social channels Ricardo Guarnieriexplaining that perhaps for her, this story is not over, although the entrepreneur made it clear that she does not reciprocate her feelings.

Men and women, what happened to Valentina Otero

There are many former ladies and jockeys, both men and women, who are ready to return to the show for next season. Among these, there are also Valentina Oterowhich I had a recent interview with All the gossip I explained to her what it would be personal revenge for her: the pandemic has changed her, and she wants it Share.

Men and women, Mrs. Valentina Otero (Photo © Mediaset).
Men and women, Mrs. Valentina Otero (Photo © Mediaset).

Valentina Otero said:I’m more tolerant, I’ve learned to let go of negative things and peopleIn short, As revealed by former Ida PlatinoAnd the Matteo MessinaShe’s also waiting for a phone call from the ‘Men & Women’ editorial staff to be able to come back, maybe like TronestaNext year.

Bad Car Accident Story: How’s the Ex-Madam

Valentina Otero spoke to her fans on social media and also said that she had a bad car accident in the past few days. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with that: “CT scans have been found Negation: Nothing is broken. Now I expect a lot of rest and orthopedic collar“.

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