Mattia Zenzola, 157 thousand euros

Mattia Zenzola, 157 thousand euros

Friends of Maria De Felipe 2022/2023

The 2023 Amici Final allowed finalists Wax, Angelina, Isobel, and Mattia to end their participation in the talent show. The highest cash prize went to the winner who took home a grand prize of €157,000.

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Friends of Maria De Felipe 2022/2023

It wraps up beautifully Friends 2023 Final About the finalists Wax, Angelina Isobel And for the winner Matthias Zinzola. The cash prizes won by the contestants were divided on the basis of a number of criteria but resulted in all pupils in the game winning big cash prizes.

Prizes won by Amici 2023 finalists

The richest award went to the winner, Mattia Zinzola, a Latin American dancer and student of Raimundo Todaro. Matthias returned home 157 thousand euros. In fact, the dancer received the final prize of 150,000 euros, in addition to another 7,000 euros provided by sponsor Marley. In second place is Angelina Mango and won an overall prize of 127 thousand euros. The singer won the award in the singing category, the critics award, the award for broadcasting, and the award presented by Shepherd Marley. Followed by Isobel Kinnear in third place, but by a certain distance 37 thousand euros: 30,000 made available by Tim and 7,000 by Marl. But in addition to the awards won by the three work contracts presented to the dancer chosen by Alessandra Celentano, who ended her participation in friendsYou will have the opportunity to continue working in Italy and abroad. The prize money ranking is closed by Arisa’s apprentice singer-songwriter Wax, who won an Oreo Award and a Marl Award for total 27 thousand euros.

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Mattia Zinzola Amici 2023 winner: standings

It was dancer Mattia Zinzola who won the 2023 edition of Amici. A pupil of Raimondo Todaro, Mattia has already participated Friends 2022 With excellent results. But because of the injury, he was forced to abandon the talent show in order to move away from the evening theater, which is more prestigious. Second place went to Angelina Mango, who received the category award for being the last female singer left in the competition. Third place for the talented songwriter Wax chosen by Coach Arisa. Last place, despite the extraordinary talent, is Isobel Kinnear, the dancer chosen by Alessandra Celentano able to bring together the entire dance teaching class at Amici who recognized her qualities in movement, her extraordinary technical skills and her talent for being able to express themselves also in singing and acting.

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