Concerns are growing in the Kremlin over his health

Concerns are growing in the Kremlin over his health

Speculation on the health status of put it in. In his last public appearance this weekend, he was seen shivering while awarding a medal. Could it be a sign of disease? Ago Russia invadedUkraine The hypothesis that the Tsar was ill became more and more consistent. Some say he’s battling leukemia, thyroid or abdominal cancer, while other experts believe the 69-year-old has early-stage Parkinson’s disease. There were other factors that led us to believe that the Russian president is not feeling well. Last month, when he met Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, he was pictured awkwardly circling his feet as the two sat down to talk.

Putin’s attack on his former prime minister Kasyanov: “He is by himself. And if Ukraine falls, the next Baltic states will be.”

Possible signs of Putin’s disease

Over the weekend, Putin presented the State Prize of the Russian Federation to director Nikita Mikhalkov at the Kremlin. On this occasion, he was seen unable to sit still and seemed to rock back and forth as he listened to the award winner. The Express reported that he shook his legs and appeared to make sideways movements. Putin made headlines last week for his abrupt postponement of an annual TV show marathon that had to answer questions from the Russian public. According to some theories, Putin was afraid that he would not be able to stay on television continuously for three to four hours normally.

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The Kremlin’s response

The Kremlin continues to stress that Putin’s health is solid and that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently denied that Putin is ill. However, the situation is viewed as so catastrophic that those responsible for Putin’s closest spies are actively talking about his successor and fighting for control of the handover.

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