Manila Nazzaro finds a strange piece of paper, and David Silvestri and Mirjana are delighted.

Manila Nazarote Become the protagonist of a mysterious story that occurred in the last hours within a house From Big Brother Vip 6.

Scenario Gate seems to have calmed down as a result of Some accusations made by Jessica Selassie towards the Venezuelan model, Delia Duran. In fact, the latter seems to have a real text inside her wardrobe, only to be consulted on occasion. But considering the princess of Ethiopia finally turned out to be a huge misunderstanding.

lex Miss Italy, this time, surrounded by her two adventure companions David Silvestri e Mirjana Trevisan, he found a sheet of unknown content which, in addition to leaving it visibly bewildering, made the game’s software editorial team suffer.

“Guys, take the paper to the warehouse.”, was heard from the microphones placed above. As soon as the director learned the truth, he immediately changed the shot. but at the same time, Nazaru mumbled something That the web did not go unnoticed.

But wait… he was fired laterhe whispered Manila, indicating, according to many, that he intended to release Alex Bailey. In fact, the actor is the only one who is currently excluded from the game, due to the actions he practiced during the confrontation with his wife, Delia Duran. The latter has actually become an official competitor to GF VIP while representative a hundred exhibitions He was forced to leave due to being too close to her and not respecting the distances.

Although disqualification, Alex Continue to attend the studio Become the protagonist in all episodes again, What is that He did not go down to the rest of Cinecittà .’s roommates Moreover, it made them suspicious of more TV series being set on the table.

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