Mancini’s doubts, Gravina’s idea and Lippi’s shadow and Cannavaro: the future of Italy’s bench | first page

Mancini’s doubts, Gravina’s idea and Lippi’s shadow and Cannavaro: the future of Italy’s bench |  first page

The hardest hours for Italy and Roberto Mancini. The day after scorching The elimination of the Italian national team by North Macedonia The wounds were opened more than ever and covered with burning salt Azure will have to The World Championship in Qatar skipped the World Cup for the second consecutive year after Russia 2018, As in the past a France, Spain and England, But none of those were at that time European champion title holder. Dark faces, the desire to speak is low and The mind is full of doubts: Those who catch the coach of Italy are many and huge, many of them Seriously doubts his future on the bench A four-time world champion, with The different scenarios we also told you in the afternoon.

Mancini’s skepticism and the idea of ​​resignations – from the record of consecutive beneficial results to the outrageous mockery against Macedonia: Federation President Gravina He has already confirmed that he wants it Complete the journey with Mancini, who has a contract andUntil 2026 is the date of the next World Cup, And it would be better for him to remain in the saddle, even without the “lightning rod” function than the criticism that invades social networks and beyond. So everything will depend on the current coach’s desire to continue or not His own experience that he touched upon in a few months The highest and lowest point of his long career: DeMissoni’s idea hasn’t faded In the mind of the coach and the boss will accept whatever choice the coach makes. In the past few hours, the idea of ​​appointing him supervisor of all national teams has also surfaced, a role that could tempt him to stay.

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The shadow of Lippi and Cannavaro and the suggestion of Ancelotti – Although it looms The shadow of Fabio Cannavaro, Who is hoping for a call from the union, perhaps Surrounded by Marcelo Lippi: World Champion of the Golden Ball and another world champion coach. The classic method of the “craftsman” coach, even if It’s not a federal techbut accepting an additional 136 for 13 years is a guarantee. The slopes of Gattuso, Pirlo and Ranieri are more complex, While The proposal leads to the name Carlo Ancelotti, Who, however, should let Real Madrid go the blue route. Which tends more to black in the last hours, but this too will pass: Italy will rise again and go back where it deserves.

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