Man rescues stranded shark, swims away with its dorsal fin

Man rescues stranded shark, swims away with its dorsal fin

Maggie PantonAustralian girl 7 years With an Instagram account, he sparked controversy on social media by sharing an account video Where his uncle appears, You want, Rescue a shark and grab it by its dorsal fin.

The video, which went viral, has been viewed thousands of times. Likes and comments, sparking intense debate among social network users.

“Does anyone else have a completely crazy uncle? Well… I bet he’s not as crazy as me! A few days ago, my uncle Trida thought it would be a good idea to fulfill his dream of swimming with a shark because he grabbed onto its fin while it was being pulled 🫣 🤪”“Maggie says in her message,”

Maggie Panton

“She’s like a cat with 9 lives! This is just one of the completely ridiculous things he’s done in his life. Somehow he always manages to get away with telling the story. 🦈”“,” the little influencer concludes.

Don’t try to do that.

These types of shark encounters should not be taken lightly. Charlie SariaIn a local programme, a shark expert pointed out the importance of sharks in the marine ecosystem, as they regulate the food chain from the middle and upper sections.

Sarria noted that the condition of the shark seen in Zarautz is “isolated” He stressed that he The species is harmless to humans.Which feeds mainly on Plankton and small fish.

Contrary to what many people think because of the moviesSharks are not man-eaters.These cases are very rare. Experts ask people to Respect sharks and avoid provoking seen in the viral video.

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