Lose weight quickly | Superfoods that you should not forget in your diet that are full of antioxidants

Lose weight quickly |  Superfoods that you should not forget in your diet that are full of antioxidants

Many experts are surprised that there are still so many people asking them, over and over again, whether this is a healthy food, or whether they should restrict it in their diet. Others arrive with doubts about how much can be consumed daily.

But the truth is that It is superfoodif we look at the benefits you can generate within a healthy lifestyle plan, designed to loseWeight or maintain a good line. If our goal is Slim bottom Or stay healthy with a good idea feed And one Physical exercise Administrator, banana He makes a great ally. Even if it gets a certain notoriety, this fruit will always contribute much more than it can “eat” to a healthy diet. Great item inside“Real food”: Very healthy and unprocessed.

the Nutrition experts Stubborn in spreading a healthy lifestyle, do not hesitate to defend it banana benifits. We must add to this that it is a food that almost everyone loves (it is difficult to find someone who cannot eat it), easy to carry and eat anywhere and not with a heavy digestive process. next to, It combines well with exercise. Who hasn't seen Rafa Nadal taking small bites of a banana (if it's from the Canary Islands, even better) during breaks in tennis matches?

Great properties of this food for a diet

He realizes how good bananas are for a healthy lifestyle Joel Torresan expert who posts nutrition tips on his Instagram account @mundoenfomra_. His post praising the properties of bananas was also shared by other experts such as Joan Didac (@profiotico). Torres has no doubt I always recommend consuming bananas.

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“Can I eat bananas? Yes, with this title I wanted to draw your attention to its simple presentation This piece of food has the importance it deserves. It came to my mind because I still get asked a lot about this,” explains Joel Torres, who enumerates the characteristics of this fruit that is very popular in the Canary Islands, where it is produced on a large scale.

“Very nutritious, with Carbohydrates, fibre, vitamin B6 and C, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and copper… loaded with nutrients for the relatively few calories they contain.“, explains. In fact, calories are what sometimes holds many people back when it comes to this fruit, but Torres explains that they are not very many, especially considering all the properties that each banana cherishes.

Bananas and weight loss

In fact, the expert goes further Bananas are directly linked to weight loss. Something to do with yours The ability to please In the stomach “Its satiety, thanks to the water and fiber, is associated with “lower weight” in people who consume it. In addition, the type of fiber it contains (resistant starch and pectin, which are more present in green bananas than in ripe bananas) is closely linked to Hello digestive system“, explains Joel Torres. “It's full of antioxidants,” he adds Such as catechins and dopamine, which are associated with better hormonal regulation, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and improved mood.

And of course don't forget it Double-edged banana – physical exercisesThis works fine. “Also very useful for pre-workout (endurance) and post-workout (a staple for me). Due to its hydrate, water, potassium content and easy digestibility. Very quick to consume and easy to transport as a snack,” he emphasizes.

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Therefore, bananas are a great ally in following a healthy diet to lose fat or weight. As is this one Great plan for breakfastWhich bananas are also suitable for. And don't forget this A popular fat burning drink..

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