Lleida-Alguaire Airport obtains the machinery needed to produce green hydrogen

Lleida Alguer Airport
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The public company Aeroports de Catalunya, affiliated with the Territory Administration, has materialized the first step to transform the Lleida-Alguaire facilities into a green energy production space and a major research + D + I center for energy conversion in aviation.

Last January, he signed with the company INDOX Procurement of an electrolyser, a piece of equipment that will be placed at the airport and will allow the production of green hydrogen from the existing photovoltaic complex. This comes in compliance with the announcement made in this regard in September 2023 by the Regional Minister, Ester Capilla i Vari, to transform Lleida Airport into a laboratory for new aviation and space projects around sustainable fuels.

In October, tenders were invited to supply, install and commission a 100 kW electrolyser which will allow green hydrogen to be produced from the existing photovoltaic complex. Two companies bid and the award was finally awarded to INDOX, a company based in √Āngelzola, Lleida, last December. On January 22, the award was officially awarded with the signing of the contract worth 295.000 eurosnot counting the two-year maintenance, which includes an additional amount of 19,000 euros.

The electrolyser will be available this summer. Once operational, hydrogen production will be tested at the airport itself, thus completing the first phase of the green energy center project based on renewable hydrogen.

Capture the leading aviation industry

Hydrogen can be produced from the airport's existing photovoltaic complex, for use in expected developments in the aeroH2ub project, in which Lleida-Alguaire Airport is involved; EVARM, which works on alternative fuels, and Aldoratech, which works on industrial applications for drones. The aeroH2ub project is also part of the development and consolidation of Lleida-Alguaire Airport as a renewable energy hub.

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In short, the goal is to capture the aerospace industry that is developing solutions based on hydrogen engines. Through this project, the airport will lead in the future the promotion of green energy in aviation Europe, strengthening itself as a major center for research + development + innovation for the energy transition and as a laboratory for new aviation and aerospace projects around sustainable fuels. .

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