Live | The amnesty law is discussed for the first time in Congress

the Amnesty law It was discussed for the first time in the House of Representatives. If there are no surprises, this afternoon The first action will be approved: Consider the proposal put forward by the PSOE with the support of independents and those who voted for the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez – who does not exist today – with the exception of the Canary coalition.

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The discussion was initiated by the official spokesman for the Socialist Workers’ Party, Patxi Lopezwho accused the opposition of using insults rather than arguments, on the same day he announced that the Socialists would report Santiago Abascal to the prosecutor’s office for an alleged hate crime.

“We would like to know why the amnesty breaks Spain, why it ends the rule of law, and why it is considered a humiliation,” he said. He also urged the PP to say “what is the alternative”, stressing that the Sánchez government had “ignited” Catalonia.

“What we intend to do is change the scenario and To get out of the endless and unresolved confrontation to return to politics The socialist speaker defended what politics alone could solve. “It is not about forgetting, but about drawing conclusions to solve problems,” he insisted.

Lopez also defended the constitutionality of the text and its compatibility with European law. He concluded: “You are playing to feed fear, and we want to sow hope.”

Figo: “It’s the most decadent afternoon since February 23”

“It is a national disgrace international” and ” Down payment on the investment they purchased“, to reply alberto nunez fijo, Who pulled all the artillery to defend the People’s Party’s opposition to the amnesty. The popular leader stressed that “this is unjustified political fraud and corruption, contradicts the separation of powers, and is an insult to the Spanish people.”

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He blamed the SWP because the amnesty law was the first law discussed in Congress. “Pedro Sanchez cares about Pedro Sanchez and the priority he gives here is his care,” Figo said, in what he considers “the most decadent afternoon since February 23.”

“No problem has been solved in Catalonia; The problem extends to Spain as a whole“, defended the leader of the People’s Party, who said that this law “is not coexistence, but comfort.”

Feijóo also accused the PSOE’s negotiations with the Junts and threatened to open an investigation commission in this regard, insisting that the PP would use all the tools at its disposal so that the amnesty did not become a reality.

This will be followed by the interventions of the rest of the parliamentary blocs, in order from lowest to highest representation. So, the first would be the mixed group members and the last, Fox. In the middle are the Basque groups – Beldo and PNB – Gents, Esquerra and Somar.

Tuesday’s action marks the beginning of action by the Spanish government I would like to finish in MarchHe hopes the law will be approved by a majority of 178 deputies, one less vote than was the case at Sanchez’s inauguration.

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