All for Terrasa wins the May elections and Balart is united

All for Terrasa wins the May elections and Balart is united

TxT won the municipal elections again four years after storming against all odds in 2019, winning government and the mayor's office. The formation led by Jordi Balart was the only one with national representation at the time which improved results. Vox entered the Terrassa City Council as a third force and the People's Party returned with two council members.

Terrassa's history goes back more than 100 years

Egarans returned to Terrassa de 1900. The 20th Modernist Exhibition opened its doors to watch the dances in open spaces, in the street, and in closed spaces, in the main theater and La Factoria Cultural (LaFACT). This year's edition of this unmissable event is dedicated to dance, a field linked to the city's history, which has become a landmark.

Growth is broken: €16,900 of income per inhabitant in Terrassa, which decreased by 2.4%

Berta Bonastre, former hockey player: “We had an amazing season. I could not have imagined a better career ending.”

Casa Vallès closes its headquarters

Frankfurt's most famous resident pulled the shutter due to display problems. They did not open until a month later.

Why are we talking about it? El Diari awards Gent de Terrassa awards to Micky Nunez, Gemma Humet, Leciate, Ton Vijoles, Joan Carles Pires, Mercy Paloma and M. Jesús Comillas.

The Netol label lights up again

After a long process and restoration work, the advertisement that was unveiled a year ago in the old fountain once again shines like new.

Monconnel house for sale

Real estate company sells for 1.7 million euros
Residence in Carrer de Topete where Lluís Muncunill lived.

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