LG NanoCell 50NANO796PC Very Affordable: Features and Display

LG NanoCell 50NANO796PC Very Affordable: Features and Display

who said this low cost Does the rhyme necessarily have to be of poor quality and few features? in World Smart TVWith the ever-increasing supply, it is not difficult to find a low-cost device with similar quality and functionality to those guaranteed by more expensive devices.

An example is LG’s NanoCell 50NANO796PC which, despite its very attractive price list, guarantees An outstanding visual experience and advanced smart features. About the LCD panel with NanoCell Technology Based on ThinQ . platform, which allows the low-cost smart TV of the South Korean manufacturer to offer unparalleled performance. Thank you in amazon discountThe LG NanoCell 50NANO796PC has never been so affordable.

LG NanoCell 50NANO796PC Technical Data Sheet: Features and Functions

The 50 inch LED panel With NanoCell technology, it guarantees video quality that is comparable to that of OLED TVs (much more expensive). This is due to the layer of nanoparticles acting as a filter on the wavelength spectrum between green and red, ensuring Wider color gamut Greater fidelity to color tones reproduction.

Behind the NanoCell panel is 5th generation α5 quad-core processor. A very powerful SoC, which converts all the programs and content you watch to 4K (even those with lower resolutions) and using artificial intelligence algorithms, Optimizes settings independently To ensure the best viewing experience in any condition. Obviously, the user can “take back control” whenever he wants by choosing one of the pre-set display modes: by choosing movie modeFor example, it will be possible to preserve the colors, image settings and fluidity of the original frames to watch the movie as imagined by the director.

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operating platform WebOS with ThinQ On the other hand, AI gives you access to thousands upon thousands of different apps for hours of fun and relaxation. Thus it will be possible to access, but not only, streaming multimedia content platforms such as Prime Video, Netflix, Prime Music and Spotify. In the catalog of applications it will be possible to find games and utilities of all kinds, so that you can get the most out of all the features of your LG Smart TV. So, video game lovers can’t fail to appreciate Compatibility with Google Stadia and Nvidia Now, which will allow you to play the best titles directly in a live stream, without the need to purchase a console.

compatibility with Alexa And other voice assistants finally let you do it Control TV functions with simple voice commands. In addition, it will also be possible to control smart home appliances compatible with the LG platform, turn light bulbs on or off, and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner and home heating system while sitting comfortably on the sofa.

LG 50 Inch Smart TV at Unprecedented Price: Discount and Offer

LG’s low-cost Smart TV just got more affordable thanks to today’s best Amazon deals, which It brings the price down to an all-time low. LG NanoCell 50NANO796PC is 32% discount on list price e It costs 339.91 euros. The savings compared to the original price are great: 160 euros less.

LG NanoCell 50NANO796PC, 50-Inch 4K Smart TV With Quad-Core Processor AI ThinQ Technology, Alexa Integrated

LG NanoCell 50NANO796PC, 50-Inch 4K Smart TV With Quad-Core Processor AI ThinQ Technology, Alexa Integrated

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