Letizia finds del Burgo more handsome than Felipe because of the king's physical aspect, which disgusts her

Letizia finds del Burgo more handsome than Felipe because of the king's physical aspect, which disgusts her

the Felipe and Letizia's marital crisis It's an open secret. The pink press did not dare to speculate about their divorce until around 2013, when they were not kings but princes. The freedom to write about Letizia was greater ten years ago than it is now. Not because there is more self-censorship, but because there is the usual censorship. But now it applies to the king who is Philip, and before that to the king who was. If the press has silenced the corruption and immorality of Joan Carles for decades, now is the time to silence the voice Corruption and adultery Felipe and Letizia. Some dare to write that there is a pact of non-aggression between kings: they live separately, sleep separately, and eat separately within the suite of the same prince in Zarzuela; They just live together If the girls are there or at formal events. No love or respect: interest. Letizia's biographer reveals that the queen is actually Felipe She never liked him as a man. Physically, Felipe and Jaime del Burgo are radically different, day and night, like an egg (bald) and a chestnut (wrinkly):

Felipe in Barcelona up close, an exclusive photo from El Nacional
Jaime del Burgo on Instagram

copy to Unauthorized biography of Letizia Conversation with Letizia's friend before marrying Felipe: “What did Letizia tell you about the prince? I told him that Felipe seemed very handsome to me, even though he wasn't my type. “I also think he's very handsome,” Letizia answered me. But I don't like men with curly hair“. The hair, the curly hair Philip has always had even though he is now 56, displeased the Queen, who prefers bald men, with a hard-boiled egg like del Borgo's. It's like this: del Burgo is a hundred times smarter than Felipe, and Letizia has always fallen in love with men smarter than her, a literature teacher, an elderly journalist, a businessman, an elite pilot… The exception is Felipe of Bourbon and Greece. Not a single Spaniard believes that Felipe is more skillful, smarter or more cunning than Letizia. on the contrary.

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Leticia and Philip, bad face GTRES

Biographer Joaquin Abad hides the evidence against Letizia to prove that he recorded everything: “Is it appropriate for the media for Queen Letizia to imitate the public stage that Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia have already performed? What is clear is that the Casa Real Foundation requires Same inspection Than anything else, its nature is greater in itself than the nature of the people who compose it. As long as its nature is exemplary, and it publicly supervises the public and private actions of its members, it is of national interest and must be disseminated in Spain, and not exclusively in uncensored foreign media affecting our country. If any journalist's official sources claim that I lied in the slightest detail about Leticia Ortiz, I will publish an audio recording related to… The gynecologist who treated Letizia Ignacio Recasens. “I do not accept slander.” Everything will be known

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