“Al-Yoyas” to the policemen who arrested him: “Who whistled?”

“Al-Yoyas” to the policemen who arrested him: “Who whistled?”

“Al-Yoyas” to the policemen who arrested him: “Who whistled?”Successes

He had been hiding on that farm for months. “It was closed, as if in a hole.“, summed up the searchers. Without going out into the street, or sticking his head out of the windows, lined with double curtains. So much so that the GRAF officers of the Mossos d’Esquadra and the policemen of the locator department and the fugitives who were looking for him did not know for sure whether he was there or not. No one opened the door.

So Goyette agents They came close to getting rid of it with usual efficiency. That was when, on the other side, inside the house, they heard someone pushing and shoving, trying to resist. So, according to the testimonies collected by this article Events and researchWhen the door collapsed and fell on him Carlos Navarro, nicknamed “Alyoyas” Since his passing Big brotherwho was injured and had to be treated by a doctor.

in prison

After he recovered, and was already arrested, he addressed several police officers who found him after 19 months on the run, after he was convicted of abuses. He didn’t say much, but he said: “Who whistled?” “Who the hell whistled?”. On Wednesday, the judge ordered him to be admitted to Brianz 1 prison in Barcelona, ​​to begin serving nearly six years of his suspended sentence.

In front of the police who handcuffed him, Carlos Navarro conducted the search laboratoryThe person responsible for being found by the police and Mossos. He was sure he hadn’t done anything wrong. I thought he was a cruel and sneaky fugitive. But although no one betrayed him, he committed some crimes mistakes.

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It started

It was his first runaway mistake Grant several interviews To various media after the escape. He did not regret anything and claimed that he was innocent. In the last round, in November 2023, “Al-Youyas” arrived. Ask for forgivenessreferring to convicted Catalan pro-independence politicians.

“He seemed to be laughing at justice, and he was Laugh at the victims(His ex-wife Faina Bethencourt whom he met on a reality show Big brother, and his two children), confirms one of the researchers in the fugitive locator group. This arrogance made him a target of an elite group of police, accustomed to pursuing murderers, serial rapists, pedophiles and war criminals.

The police operation, as it was known at the time, began Operation BosqueIt is the same name as one of the titles of one of the interviews he conducted. The Yoyas. During these months, fugitive police officers and Musos first searched for the best possible location Where he could hide. This is how they located the farm, which was supposedly empty, in an urban area in Torre de Claramont, a town in the Anoia region, in the province of Barcelona. No one was able to take a photo of “Al-Yuyas” inside the house. But during these months, investigators found that several people, such as the fugitive’s father and another relative, had entered the farm with large shopping mall bags full of food and drink.


He also went to the farm several times Young womanWho discovered that he was in a relationship with Yuyas. The agents, who were masked near the house, found that the girl spent a few hours in the house during the visits and then left. They photographed the entrances and exits of those who entered the house.

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But there was no sign of the “yuyas”. “In the last few months he hasn’t left the house.“, points out one of the investigators. “Not even in the yard to feed his dogs,” he adds. Navarro took “very strict” security measures to avoid detection. He covered the windows with black liners. Inside the house some orange lights were added to be as discreet as possible and not “give any light outside.”

Despite all these security measures, and with all the evidence they collected, they knew there was someone inside the house. The cops bet it was “Al-Yuyas.” They weren’t sure. When they knocked on the door, they did not know what they would find. While they were demolishing it, they heard Al-Yuyas being pushed out and then falling to the floor and the door, without understanding what happened. “Who whistled?”.

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