“L'altra Venècia”, by Predrag Matvejević

“L'altra Venècia”, by Predrag Matvejević

It has just arrived in bookstores The other gun (Labro Editions), by the author Predrag Matvejevićin translation Pau Sanchez. Includes an introduction by Rafael La Capria; A conversation between Giacomo Scotti – the book's Italian translator – with the author and a note from Sanchez explaining the vagaries of translating the text. a The other gunIt brings together a complete picture of the city and the changes it has undergone over time and history. As La Capria wrote: “Poetry is born from the observation of a small but important detail – or rather from the choice itself -. Thus, while it seems to us that we are reading an article, a description, or a newspaper, in reality the boundaries of this genre are crossed and we enter into another sphere, It is the realm of imagination.

Predrag Matvejević (1932-2017) He was born in the city of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to a Russian father and a Croatian mother. He was a professor at the University of Zagreb, the Sorbonne, Sapienza, and the College de France. He taught French literature, comparative literature, and Slavic literature there. He maintained a firm position regarding the war in the former Yugoslavia, and went into exile in the French state and Italy. He lived the last years of his life in Croatia. He was also Chairman of the Council of the Mediterranean Laboratories Foundation in Naples, International Vice-President of PEN in London, a member of the European Commission's “Group of Elders” in Brussels and a founding member of the Sarajevo Society in Paris and Rome. .

Read the beginning The other gunde Predrag Matvejević (Labro Editions).

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Bernat Reher, Labro's publisherThe book explains:
“I start from the end, because our edition ends with a quote from Carmi Junent: ‘Life is not short.’ He obviously played a very nice game with the name of the publisher. But there is a deep connection between what Carmi says in this sentence and Predrag Matvejević’s text. On the other hand, the writer told me Simona Skrabek once said that this book, The other gunIt was his favorite book. Author Predrag Matvejević maintained a firm position regarding the war in the former Yugoslavia, and went into exile in France and Italy. He did not return to Croatia until the last years of his life. Matvejević speaking in 2003 about the majestic city of Venice and in Croatian, a rich language, with all the ethnic conflicts we remember from that context in the Balkans, was the best antidote to the imagination of a culture that had suffered so much. These are the terms that Simona Skrabek refers to.

Predrag Matvejević wrote a song for life, specifically for the lives of those of us who live near the Mediterranean. The Catalan edition is now an international reference edition. We have recovered the original scanned copies of the images from the Correr Museum in Venice. We were also able to compare different versions of the text, starting with the 2003 edition written in Croatian. We have included an interview with the author conducted by the Italian translator Giacomo Scotti. The book includes images taken from the book's chapters and are the work of Simone Giri de Bardi. The translation is the work of Pau Sanchez, a writer and poet based in La Pobla de Farnals.

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