January 27, 2023

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“Unexplained death, her boyfriend just asked her to marry him”

It was the happiest moment of his life. She was about to celebrate her 31st birthday and her boyfriend had just proposed to her. Kirsty Cracknell, the mother of a 5-year-old boy, died suddenly on 11 December of causes still described as “unexplained”.

Patrizia was shocked on the day of the Epiphany, the motorist who killed the little girl: “I would like to hug the parents”

An infant died in the hospital after 5 days of torment: “a deadly germ killed him.”

Drama in Hull

The tragedy occurred in Hull, UK. The woman had just come home when she was probably sick. His brother Craig recounted the drama that the whole family fell into. “It’s a really difficult time. No parent should bury a child. We’re trying to move on, but nothing is the same as before,” Hull Life reports.


Rich Anderson, a friend of the family, organized a fundraiser on Go Fund Me to help with funeral costs after Kirsty’s unexpected death. He set a target of £2,000, which he achieved. Funeral preparations are still underway. Speaking of Kirsty’s son, she said: ‘He’s only five, so he doesn’t know what’s going on. She knows her mom is gone, and she’s a star in the sky.’

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