Kim Jong-un launches first missile in 2022, US and Japan irritated – Suspicion

Kim Jong-un launches first missile in 2022, US and Japan irritated – Suspicion

North Korea On the first day of the year he flexes his muscles again by launching a suspicious ballistic missile and unleashes irritation. Washington and Tokyo When Only He said he was concerned about the possible consequences of negotiating with Pyongyang. The missile, which has not yet been identified, was launched from North Korea’s east coast, probably from a mobile ground, and then crashed into water in front of Japan about 500 km away, the Tokyo Defense Ministry said.

He was the first Fumio Kishida Pointing to other tests conducted in 2021, the test was last conducted last October. For that United States The new test “violates several UN Security Council resolutions and poses a threat to North Korea’s neighbors and the international community,” a foreign ministry spokesman said. “We are committed to a diplomatic approach to North Korea and call on it to start a dialogue,” he added.

From Seoul, President Moon J-In, Expressing his concern about the possible negative consequences of renewed tensions in the dialogue between the two Koreas, he called for a return to the negotiating table. “If the Koreans work together to build trust, peace will be achieved in a single day,” he said, opening a railroad. He hopes it will connect the south and the north. The new test comes after Pyongyang did not respond to Washington’s proposal to meet with US officials for talks. Kim Jong-un He reiterated his desire to strengthen the country’s military capabilities, but acknowledged the difficulties of 2021.

The population is exhausted and the country is lonely after the start International spread, And the President has promised that the economy will be a national priority this year as the country faces a “great struggle for life or death”. Therefore, he stressed that “serious progress” should solve the problem of “food, clothing, housing”. Another central theme, during Kim’s party meeting marking his first decade in power, is the fight against the Govt epidemic, which will be “the state’s top priority.”

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