Japanese SUV: This little off-roader hides an entirely made-in-Italy engine under the hood | No one imagined it

Japanese SUV: This little off-roader hides an entirely made-in-Italy engine under the hood |  No one imagined it
Suzuki Vitara – motorzoom.it

One of the turning points in the automotive sector, which is undoubtedly among the most loved in recent years, is the one that marks the development and commercial boom of SUVs: car models that the market immediately loved.

Today, in a Continuous renewal Part In the name of continuous exploration, we observe how transformation It continues to be ongoing From opera Exposing yourself to anyone release partially Structural. any?

First of all, regarding the dimensions: there seems to be a lot Big brands Who first think and then propose small SUVs and in general off road from amount small. This is not enough.

In fact, some have started posting Concept, If not structural involvement (as is often the case among other things), then sort of Join the adventures: As can be seen in this Specific case. any?

A Japanese SUV that, surprise surprises, has soul underneath Italian for sure. That’s right: we’re talking about a small off-road vehicle Japanese Which, under Capture, Features an Italian engine.

Japanese SUV, Italian engine: what is it?

structureMade in italy In the actual engine of a Japanese car? We’re not kidding, it’s not fake news but it exists Suggestive A fact that has recently come to light. With a motor Unique and historical seal. Perhaps few people have imagined it, perhaps few people know about it, but it is pure reality.

Behind the Japanese SUV, or rather inside it, is an engine Fiat. the italian cars, Moreover, our engines are considered a real premium all over the world and it is no coincidence that Italian cars, between Fiat, Ferrari or Maserati, are so popular, sought after and desirable. Craved all over the world.

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Fiat engine in Japanese SUVs

It is certainly not the first time that an Italian engine company has made its mechanical and automotive contribution to other brands. In this case Fiat Its engine was awarded to bSuzuki Vitara. Therefore, the Torino engine was used Sunshine pocket.

Especially with regard to the fourth generation of suzuki vitara, I started to 2015, Which is no longer produced anymore after a revamp in 2018. Well, this car was powered by the engine common rail, Found in some Fiat models such as Bravo. Another proof of our country’s superiority in… section.

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