Jacobs placed third in the 100 meters in Ostrava with a time of 10:17

A decisive step back, and a clear alarm bell: Marcel Jacobs, in the 100th stage of the 62nd meeting in Ostrava, the golden stage of the Continental Tour, took third place with a time of 10 inches 19. He was beaten, in the absence of wind (0.0 m/s), by his partner In training in Jacksonville are Canadian Andre de Grasse, Olympic champion in the 200 metres, who won in 10:10 and Jamaican Reem Ford, second in 10 inches. 17. Blue, in the first two rounds of the season, ran in 10’11, at Jacksonville on April 27 and in 10’07, at Rome, on May 18. A new lead was expected and instead… the starting phase looks more effective compared to those races. But what betrays Marcel is acceleration. The procedure, about halfway through the race, becomes cumbersome and unprofitable. De Grasse lies down, Jacobs curls up. In the last few metres, there was an obvious delay. “It was not a good test – admits the Garda citizen – I have to look at it again with my coach. After the first 40 meters I lost strength and speed. I have to fully understand what happened, also because I will compete again in two days.” The date is for the Diamond League stage in Oslo on Thursday evening where he will find, among others, the South African Akane Sembene, the best sprinter in the world at the moment.

What a whisper

Meanwhile, the return of Alessandro Sebilio is of high quality. The 25-year-old Napolitan, who has not competed since the world championships in Budapest last August, won the 400 hurdles in 48 inches 25, the best European time of the year, seventh in the world and the fourth performance of his career, 32/100 of the best A personal record at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where he ranked eighth. Proving competence, with the Continental Exhibition in Rome just around the corner, is certainly a relief. The financier trained by Gianpaolo Ciappa, with perfect distribution, after the first controlled part of the race, changes speed at the sixth barrier and “eats” several opponents in the final stage in a row. He was succeeded by Slovenian Matić Gocek, setting the national record with a time of 48’37, followed by Qatari Ismail Abacar (48’76), and Frenchman Wildred Habiot fourth with a time of 49’48. Giacomo Bertoncelli took seventh with a time of 49 in 66, 31/100 of his personal best. Linda Olivieri, again among the low hurdles, placed fourth in a time of 55’73, while Elisa Di Lazzaro, in the low hurdles, placed fifth in her heat with a time of 13’23.

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